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The direct-to-consumer customer insight advantage

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Meal kit specialist HelloFresh believes being a direct-to-consumer brand gives it a distinct advantage in understanding customer motivations as it is responsible for the end-to-end journey from awareness to retention.

The marketing team, which is led by senior vice-president of global brand, Katharina Buttenberg, is made up of both qualitative and quantitative researchers, who are tasked with responding to different business questions.

The team then employ a series of different methodologies, from surveys and focus groups to customer sentiment and brand trackers.

Crucially, HelloFresh uses a behavioural app to understand how its users cook at home. Customers are asked to record what they’ve been cooking, the ingredients they’ve been using and how they go about doing supermarket shopping. They are asked to upload pictures and videos, as well as written descriptions.

As HelloFresh operates globally, the app runs in multiple markets and at least every quarter the team analyses the behavioural data in depth. Consumers are then selected for focus groups based on what the app already shows about their behaviour.

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Buttenberg says HelloFresh defines its core customer based on behaviour rather than any single demographic factor. The meal kit product is for people with an interest in cooking at home, who are looking for convenience and the opportunity to become more adventurous in their cooking and eating.

“Our brand tracking is based on our existing customers and our potential customers and we identified six benefits that we can provide compared to any other form of cooking, eating at a restaurant or going to the supermarket,” Buttenberg explains.

Within this core customer base, HelloFresh has identified three sub-sets – couples, families and singles – which the research shows display different eating behaviours.

Singles, says Buttenberg, like to eat out of bowls and tend to have meals sitting on the couch, whereas couples plan together and families differ depending on the age of the children and how they create their weekly meal plan.

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