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Spam is a problem that all website owners struggle to deal with. The simple truth is that if you have any web forms to collect information from your customers on your site, you are going to get some spam submissions. In some cases, you may get lots and lots of spam submissions.

Spam is a huge problem even on forms that don’t do anything that could conceivably benefit the spammer (like repost back to the website where they would be able to add backlinks to other sites). Spammers use web forms to try and promote their own businesses and sites and they use them for more malicious purposes as well. Blocking spammers from your web forms can be an important productivity tool and will keep your website comment section from looking shabby.

Chances are that your website is going to have forms that any person can visit on the Internet and that means that spam bots can also find these forms. We have a lot of “under the hood” spam protection, including a variety of software that tests IP addresses and different verbiage inside the forms but sometimes that’s not enough. We want to make sure the front-facing forms are protected and don’t get attacked by spammers trying to break your website or send you spam through these forms.

Captcha is a great system that has been designed and maybe you’ve seen it. It’s the little funny letters and numbers that you type into a form. Now they have ones where you just click a button to prove your a human that has a mouse and not just a software program trying to break the form.

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