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Google is known for maintaining one of the fastest and most powerful networks, which means that using their service will result in high speed for our clients’ websites. One can also hardly think of another global network that is better maintained. We see this as a great advantage, as in general network connectivity problems are among the top reasons for server downtime. With the Google network the risk of such issues is further minimized. 

We have always done an excellent job in minimizing the risk for our sites’ uptime by using hosts that provide resources, equipment redundancy, backups and optimized restore processes. We believe that this quest is easier on the Google Cloud environment, where the infrastructure is built on top of virtual machines, instead of bare metal servers. Launching a new virtual machine is a much faster and efficient process. Scaling resources such as CPU, RAM and storage is also much easier. This allows us to achieve the results we are looking for with much less investment in idle resources and management overhead.

Another advantage of the cloud setup is the distributed storage. Our hosting service is using Google’s SSD persistent storage, which has multiple redundancies.  What this means is that your website data is not stored on a single physical machine and is not lost if the hardware on this machine fails. In the cloud setup, in the rare occasions where the hosting server fails, a new virtual machine can be created on another hosting node in the cloud space and simply attach the distributed storage volume to the new instance, instead of the faulty one, without losing time in backup restores. 

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