Daily Website Backups

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Clients with an active website maintenance plan can rest easy knowing that their website receives an automatic backup every day. These backups include the entire filesystem, your database, and email accounts. We preserve these backups for 7 days and can restore any component within a matter of minutes.

This service is intended for heavily-used sites where 7 days is an eternity for a problem to go unnoticed. Our web development team can recommend and integrate other third-party services for those that require backups to occur less frequently or to be preserved longer than 7 days.

A website backup is, quite simply, a copy of all of your website data. It is particularly useful when making changes to your site because that’s when problems are most likely to occur. It’s also invaluable for reversing problematic updates. Like computer backups, website backups should also be done on a regular basis. It won’t do you much good to restore your site from a backup that’s a few years old.

It’s hard to imagine what losing all of your website data feels like until you’ve gone through it yourself. Regardless, it isn’t a fun experience. More importantly, it’s something that’s completely avoidable with a little planning.

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