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Our website maintenance plans include free, branded email accounts that can be used on almost any device. For more robust email management software, see our Microsoft Office 365 or Google GSuite setup services.

If you’re skeptical about the importance of a branded email address, there are a few main reasons to re-think your position. The first, and most obvious, is that it makes you look more professional.

Whether or not it seems fair to you, having a professional email address matters if you want to be taken seriously in your profession. And if you run a business (even if it’s a one-person business), then you need one that matches the domain name of your website.

For a company that’s just starting out, one of the best things you can do is create a business website and an email address to match. It shows people that you’re not just someone dabbling, but that you take what you do seriously.

For established businesses, it’s absolutely out of the question to not have branded email accounts for every decision maker. No self-respecting brand should be communicating with their customers using an email account, nor should they expect to be taken seriously if they do. It’s far too easy to have branded email accounts in this day and age.

Your recipients are more likely to write you off as a stranger and ignore your email if they don’t know to associate the unfamiliar email address with the business they have a relationship with. For all the effort we put into crafting the perfect subject line and email copy as marketers, having an email address people recognize and trust is the best way to stand out in a recipient’s inbox.

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