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The web has gone crazy for social media widgets. What’s not to love? Magic little boxes that connect our sites to the social power of the web in convenient little code snippets. They are all the rage with the hip, in-the-know online pundits.

So how can we integrate the two worlds of websites with social platforms? Social media widgets have emerged as the de facto, deceptively simple, yet powerful answer. They are little pieces of copy and paste code you can place on your site to connect you with social media platforms.

A widget can be as simple as a pretty button that links to your Twitter profile or Facebook page. They can be counter boxes that allow site visitors to tweet, like, share and bookmark your content on sites like StumbleUpon and They can even be more advanced like showing live Twitter updates from a profile or search term or showing a picture pile of your fans on Facebook complete with a like button that enables them to become your fan directly from your site.

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