Shipping Zones

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A shipping zone is a segment of delivery territory. Each zone is within a certain distance range from your point of origin. The higher the zone, the farther it is from the point of origin. Each zone includes a set of ZIP codes.

For example, if a package originates at Red Stag Fulfillment’s Knoxville warehouse, the origin ZIP code starts with 377. ZIP codes with the first three digits of 376-379 are in Zone 2 for UPS. Those deliveries wouldn’t travel far from the point of origin. A shipment to a ZIP code starting with 970 would go to the West Coast. That is Zone 8 for a UPS package shipped from Knoxville. A shipment to Hawaii falls into Zone 45.

Shipping zones aren’t fixed. A map showing shipping zones will be different for each point of origin. The simplest way to explain zones is the distance between two points. The further your fulfillment warehouse is from your customer, the higher the zone.

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