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An online course is a way to learn a new skill or gain some new knowledge from the comfort of your own home. They can either be paid or offered for free. Some are offered by educational institutions, while others are produced by experts in their field. The most important thing for an online course is for it to be engaging and to deliver a clear outcome.

There are many different forms that an online course can take. At their most basic level, the thing they all share in common is that they teach knowledge or skills to the person taking them.

Online courses are delivered via a website and can be viewed on a mobile device, tablet, or web browser. This lets students conveniently access them anywhere and at any time.

They can take many forms, including educational videos, audio files, images, worksheets or other documents. Most online courses also have discussion forums, community groups or messaging options, enabling some way for students to communicate with each other and or the teacher.

Typically, lessons are designed and pre-recorded before being uploaded and arranged on the course website in to a collection of lessons and modules. They are usually laid out in a sequential order for the student to follow. There may be some form of grading to measure a student’s performance and achievements, or the course might be completely self-guided.

Above all, an online course needs to be engaging so that the person learning enjoys the lessons and is able to retain the information and apply it in their own life.

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