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Increasing customer loyalty is a fairly standard marketing tactic. Having customers pay you to join your loyalty program isn’t. That’s exactly what dozens of brands and retailers are starting to do, however.

Paid memberships are on the rise, spurred on by wildly successful and hugely popular Amazon Prime. Perhaps you’re thinking of creating your own program, too. If so, you’ll want to understand what makes paid memberships so effective and whether one will be a good fit for your brand.

Membership involves the process of “paying money to become a member of a club or an activity or a service place to get some sort of services or privileges for a particular time period. The membership businesses mainly work on providing offline experiences. In contrast: A person can physically become the member of a gym as well as a golf club after purchasing a membership plan as per their requirements.

Memberships are primarily intended to offer exclusive benefits to its members, whereas subscriptions are the process of providing a product or service on a recurring basis. Memberships do not necessarily have to be recurring.

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