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n the front-end, a configurable product appears as a product with multiple custom variations (e.g. size, color, material, and any other qualifier relating to the product). Business users choose from the options provided to ‘configure’ a product according to their needs.

However, in the admin backend, configurable products are more sophisticated. A configurable product is known as a single parent product uniting multiple product variants. These product variants are assigned unique SKUs for easy inventory tracking, have their own inventory and price settings, and are generally treated as separate products in product information management (PIM) UIs.

Instead of presenting every single product variation as a separate product with its own page, you can use a configurable product. For example, if you’re selling decoration items that come in 50 colors, 10 patterns, and 10 designs where every combination is actually a separate product, you don’t have to display or create 5,000 different products. Instead, you create one configurable product to contain 3 respective product variations such as colours, patterns and designs, then associate your 50 color variations, 10 patterns, and 10 designs with the simple products that you have available. So in the front-end, your customers will only see one product which they can easily configure with all the variations the system automatically creates combining your back-end settings.

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