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The main goal of your eCommerce site is to promote your products. But, as a site owner, it’s not always clear which sales promotions are the most effective, or why. You need to maximize your conversions and popups provide an incredible opportunity to do just that.

The trouble is, many site owners are worried about using popups for sales promotion. It’s not surprising considering there are a lot of awful popups out there, especially entry popups that show up right when you land on a site. Everyone hates those. Well-timed popups use a technology called onsite retargeting.

Onsite retargeting is helpful because it ensures that your popups show up at just the right time. For instance, when you have a lot of visitors and not a lot of customers, you can create an exit-intent popup – one that displays when someone tries to leave your site – and add those visitors your email list.

Another popular use for onsite retargeting is cart abandonment. You can display a popup with a special discount or free shipping offer to your visitors so they will complete the checkout process. In fact, with a well-crafted popup campaign, you can recover up to 15 percent of your lost customers!

Before you get started building your campaigns, it helps to know which popups are the best for sales promotion and how to maximize your conversions. Ask your account manager about popups to learn more.

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