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The standard ecommerce plugin tracks transactions – and that’s it. It’s typically set up on the ‘Thank You’ page and can help you to understand how much has been spent on a website, attribute revenue to channels, and identify products that are flying off your virtual shelves. This is invaluable data that can be used by sales, marketing, and finance, but when it comes to empowering digital teams to improve revenue generation, it can be frustratingly limited.

Enhanced Ecommerce can provide the depth and granularity we need to make informed decisions. It gives us the ability to analyse which products customers are viewing, adding to and removing from their baskets, or checking out with. It lets us visualise the points at which users are abandoning the checkout process and even includes the ability to segment these users. This enables you to identify trends or push this data into your advertising platform for remarketing purposes (i.e. so you can chase them across the internet and haunt them forever!)

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