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A contact form gives your visitors an easy way to send you a message right from your website. They give your users the impression that you are available. Having a business phone number on your website is also important, but it’s no substitute for a contact form linked to your business email address.

You can’t be available in person or by phone 24×7. You want to give visitors a way to contact you, even when you aren’t available. Contact forms let you do just that.

You want to make things easy for your users. When visitors can quickly find your form and reach out without opening their email software, they’ll be more likely to contact you instead of browsing away to a competitor.

You always want to keep your contact forms easy to find, and easy for visitors to use.

To best help visitors contacting you, you may need to collect some extra information from them. With a contact form you can easily require details such as their phone number or what product or service they’re inquiring about.

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