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An original video is without-a-doubt the best medium for your most important content. They can be created using a style that will make the most impact, such as a candid clip to announce a new product. While we can provide professional-grade film, we typically find that content filmed with a phone bypasses the “blinders” of social media users and offers the best results. We also find that most clips perform best when they’re less than 30 seconds long.

A video post is a social media post that contains a video and a caption. This is the most engaging type of post because they capture the audience’s attention with motion and sound. Video-based content is responsible for the rise of many platforms, such as TikTok and YouTube, due to the undeniable entertainment value it involves.

Original content is material that was created in-house and has never been published anywhere else. This gives a powerful incentive to people to follow your account because they know they can expect unique content in their newsfeed when they follow you.

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