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A curated video easily has the most potential to go viral because the content being shared has frequently already reached that status, which is why we share them in the first place. Posting viral videos on your page is a great way to rapidly gain a following because it results in free, future exposure for your brand. With curated videos, the amount of quality content available is almost unlimited.

A video post is a social media post that contains a video and a caption. This is the most engaging type of post because they capture the audience’s attention with motion and sound. Video-based content is responsible for the rise of many platforms, such as TikTok and YouTube, due to the undeniable entertainment value it involves.

Curated content is content from the web that has been sorted through and shared on a brand’s digital platforms. This type of content is created by other organizations but shared by a brand because they believe it will be of interest to their audience.

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