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An original text post is highly relevant and specific to your brand. It can be used to communicate with your followers for virtually any purpose; but some common reasons are to remind them of current promotions and announce upcoming changes to your services. When we write these for you, we’ll ensure the tone of voice is consistent with your brand, free of typing errors, and adequately spruced-up with emojis (where applicable).

A text post is a social media post that only contains text. As a post without any form of media, it’s best used to communicate announcements or ask questions to people who follow your account. These posts are widely leveraged by small businesses but aren’t available on Instagram, which is one of many reasons Instagram is less useful for business purposes.

Original content is material that was created in-house and has never been published anywhere else. This gives a powerful incentive to people to follow your account because they know they can expect unique content in their newsfeed when they follow you.

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