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Tracking codes are thematically related to cookies, counting pixels and log file analysis, and are a prerequisite for analyzing visitor behavior. Tracking codes can be used to retrieve data on website access, traffic, Click Path or other KPIs. In order to track user behavior, the codes must be included in the HTML source code. In order to read out the data, a corresponding software such as Google Analytics must be linked to the respective website.

These codes are crucial for accurately monitoring the performance of your digital marketing efforts. If a tracking script is not installed, you will not be able to reliably determine the source of your most valuable traffic – such as those who make a purchase online. On the other hand, improperly installing the codes may result in conversions being recorded multiple times, not recorded at all, or a flurry of other potential issues like preventing your website from loading.

Tracking codes are strings of numbers and letters. They are first generated and then inserted into the source code of a web page. This is usually done via JavaScript code, which is executed when the website is called up. The client then sends data such as IP address, clicked URLs or duration of stay to the server or the program used for analysis. A tracking code is usually added to the source code in the head-area of the web page to be analyzed.

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