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Have you noticed that your website traffic performance fluctuates in annual cycles? The demand for your product or service and your specific content depends on seasonality; sometimes the trend goes upward and sometimes it goes downward. B2B businesses usually experience a recession in December due to the Christmas and New Year’s period which pulls attention away from work matters and focuses it on the family stuff.

So how can you adjust your marketing actions to avoid falling apart during the national holidays? Utilize those occasions to make the best possible profit.

Seasonal marketing consists of adjusting your online marketing campaigns to the ongoing events. In other words, targeting important events and national or global holidays for your industry. Seasonal marketing is about looking at the calendar, identifying appropriate opportunities and capitalizing on them. This means driving more attention to your product or service in the interest of boosting your business revenue. Now is the right time to figure out how you’re going to leverage those events in order to reap the most benefit.

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