Social Media Questionnaire for Onboarding New Clients [42 Questions]

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You’ve just taken on a new client and you’re ready to craft a winning social media strategy that proves your worth and delivers a major return on investment.

So, how do you make sure you’ve got all the details you need to create a solid social media strategy, without having to go back and forth with your client for more information?

Use a social media questionnaire for your new clients.

We’ve compiled a list of 42 questions to consider for your social media questionnaire. They cover all the important areas, including:

  • your client’s purpose on social media and where it fits into their overall strategy
  • your client’s target audience
  • your client’s brand
  • your client’s content types and range
  • your client’s current social media presence
  • what tech and analytics your client uses and has access to
  • what your client’s expectations are

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know to build a winning social media questionnaire.

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