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customer-centricityThe PPI misselling scandal and reputational damage caused by the financial crash have forced bank brands to rethink the way they engage with and serve customers.

Years of a relentless focus on cross-selling meant many customers were saddled with products that met the bank’s but not the customer’s needs, leaving many brands with a trust deficit.

However, forced to address some of the failings of the past and eager to address reputational problems, retail banks are switching from a product to a customer focus.

Join Marketing Week and partner Salesforce as we host a panel of senior marketers to discuss the challenge of changing culture and customer strategy in a sector under the spotlight.

Discussion points include:

  • Getting stakeholder buy-in for change
  • Mapping customer journeys
  • Redefining relationships
  • Delivering a joined up customer experience
  • Measuring impact

The video webinar will be streamed live at 3pm GMT on Monday 10 December and available afterwards on demand.

Click here now to register.

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