Email Lead Capture Forms

If you’re looking to run a successful email marketing campaign, you need to build an extensive email list. This can be a combination of past customers, associates, or people who have subscribed to your newsletter. In order to add people to your email list, you need email capture forms! Our team at Phvntom Inc. can create these forms and feed the submission to your email platform.

What are Email Capture Forms?

Email capture forms are custom forms that allow you to collect information from leads and store it in your email marketing platform. This could be a name, email address, phone number, or other contact information. Having this information stored in one place makes it easy to segment your list and send targeted messages.

Why You Need Email Capture Forms

There are a few key reasons why you need email capture forms for your business:

Build an extensive email list: As we mentioned before, in order to run a successful email marketing campaign, you need to have a large list of subscribers. Email capture forms make it easy to add new leads to your list so that you can keep growing it over time.

Segment your list: Once you have a large list of subscribers, you’ll want to segment it so that you can send targeted messages. With email capture forms, you can easily collect information like job title, interests, or location so that you can group people together based on shared characteristics. This way, you can send them messages that are relevant to their needs and interests.

Increase conversions: By segmenting your list and sending targeted messages, you’re more likely to convert leads into paying customers. Customized messages show that you understand the needs of your audience and makes them more likely to do business with you.

Email capture forms are an essential tool for any business looking to run a successful email marketing campaign. At Phvntom Inc., we can create custom forms that will help you build an extensive list of subscribers, segment your list for targeted messaging, and increase conversions. Contact us today to get started!