Roofing Ads

Here is an idea of the platform that you should advertise on as a roofing company, along with advertising ideas. A complete guide on how to advertise for your roofing company.

Roofing Advertisement Platforms

The best places for advertising for a roofing company is google ads. This is because google ads show up when people search keywords that you set in your google ads. For a roofing company these keywords would depend on your area, and what people would be searching for in your area. The reason facebook ads are not as good for roofing is because facebook ads are more randomized. A roof is not necessarily a random thing that you would buy. It is something that you research, get quotes on, and anticipate getting for years. That is why the main platform you should advertise on is google ads. An important thing to remember is setting a budget for advertisements ahead of time, and to manage your ads in great detail the first few months.

Roofing Advertising Ideas

Here are some ideas on how to advertise for your roofing company:

  • before & after video/ pictures
  • use humor!
  • have an educational advertisement
  • show families in their home, safe and comforted from their roof
  • use current pop culture
  • advertise to who your brand is & what you represent
  • testimonial videos

Always use your own material if you can. It will do better than stock photos! These are just a couple ideas. Ultimately, you should put out what is best represents you and your company! 

Tips On How to Advertise Roofing

There are some marketing essentials that every company should be doing. Especially service industries that currently operate on word of mouth advertising. If you want to reel in potential customers to your roofing business than it is time to make Sure you have an active social media page for your business. Believe it or not, social media is actually a great marketing strategy. The best thing about it is that it’s free. It cost you nothing but some time, and can lead to great profits. This is something that a business owner, employee, or marketing agency can run.

The next thing you need to grow your small business and get lead generation is to work on your search engine optimization. This means getting the right keywords and information on your website, so that when someone searches for a roofing company in the area you service – you company is the first to show up. You can actually improve your SEO through publishing blog posts that hit keywords someone may search for when they need a roof.This is a lot harder than it seems and there are a lot of different aspects of it. On SEO specifically, you may want to consider giving your marketing services to a marketing agency to look over. It is going to be extremely time consuming to you and you’re business if you want to do it on your own.

The next step for marketing a roofing company is email marketing. This is generating an email list of previous or potential clients. You can obtain these emails through your website, or on the job site. In this email you want to offer special and specific promotions to those who subscribed to your email list. This will give them a reason to stay subscribed, and then they will remember you in 30 years when it is time for a new roof.

The most important step in marketing your roofing services is through the use of paid advertisements. This means you will need to create some ad copy (the advertisements that you would like to run). Set yourself up a Google Ad account, and try to follow along their steps. The step that most people miss, or do not realize how important it is – are landing pages. This is a page that your customers can be directed to when they click on your advertisement. On this page you will need multiple call to actions. Anything to get their contact information so that you can generate a lead.

There is a lot to marketing, a lot more than most people understand. Often times we find that marketing and coming up with roofing marketing ideas is not something that a roofing contractor really wants to do. If you find that to be the case, reach out to a marketing agency like Phvntom Inc. They are trained and skilled in getting your business the leads you want and need. In addition, they can do everything we discussed in this article, and more. You can try to do it all yourself, but if in the end you need some free advice or want to hand it over – know Phvntom Inc is here to help.

Roofing Advertisement Examples