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Web Design
Custom/Unlisted Web Design
It would be impossible to list every task related to web design, but we know you’re bound to have some... read more
A home page is a webpage that serves as the starting point of website. It is the default webpage that... read more
Informational Pages
Whether users seek company information in a B2B (business–to–business) or B2C (business–to–consumer) context, effectively explaining a company’s purpose and what... read more
A blog is an online journal or informational website displaying information in the reverse chronological order, with the latest posts... read more
Post Scheduling
To create a successful blog, the best strategy is to plan your editorial calendar and publish articles on a regular... read more
Contact Forms
A contact form gives your visitors an easy way to send you a message right from your website. They give... read more
Social Media Widgets
The web has gone crazy for social media widgets. What’s not to love? Magic little boxes that connect our sites... read more
Social Sharing Buttons
Social share buttons give customers the ability to display an article or product they find interesting on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest... read more
An attractive gallery for your website is critical to your online business. It turns your website into a dynamic platform... read more
A slideshow is a series of pictures or pages of information. A slide in a slideshow is essentially a single... read more
Embedded Videos
Embedding allows you to take your video — or someone else’s video — and post it on a web page... read more
Unlimited Fonts
Different fonts are utilized to add style to a web page or document. That is to say, they may be... read more
Unlimited Colors
Colors may be specified as an RGB triplet or in hexadecimal format (a hex triplet) or according to their common... read more
Mobile Friendly Layouts
When a website is responsive, the layout and/or content responds or adapts based on the size of screen they are... read more
Traffic Analytics
Traffic Analytics is a market intelligence and competitive research tool that provides estimations of any website’s desktop and mobile traffic. It... read more
Image Optimization
Optimizing web images is a process of delivering high-quality images in the right format, dimension, size, and resolution while keeping... read more
Lead Capture Forms
In most CRM systems, the term lead capture designates a process of saving lead information in order to attempt converting... read more
A portfolio provides tangible evidence to potential customers of your accomplishments, skills, and abilities. It shows the scope and quality... read more
Employee Applications
A job application form can be a great tool to help you narrow down candidates early on. If you also... read more
Data Migration
Data migration is the process of moving data from one location to another, one format to another, or one application... read more
Content SEO
Content SEO refers to creating content that helps your web pages to rank high in the search engines. It includes... read more
Sell Physical Products Online
By offering physical products online you can develop a stronger relationship with your customers. Selling online also gives your buyers... read more
Sell Digital Products Online
A digital product is an intangible asset or piece of media that can be sold and distributed repeatedly online without... read more
Tax Calculations
Have you ever purchased something online from an e-commerce website? Perhaps school books through, clothes through e-Bay, or a... read more
Shipping Zones
A shipping zone is a segment of delivery territory. Each zone is within a certain distance range from your point... read more
PayPal Payments
PayPal is an all-in-one online payment solution that is both a merchant account and payment gateway. Established in 1998 and... read more
Credit Card Payments
The vast majority of payments for an online retailer come from debit and credit cards. There’s currently no other widely... read more
Coupons & Discount Codes
A coupon code, also referred to as a promo code, is a computer-generated code consisting of letters and/or numbers that... read more
Sell Event Tickets Online
Now, it’s easier than ever to sell your tickets by listing them natively on your website. You can increase your... read more
Secure Downloads
The Internet was made to facilitate sharing information, so it is difficult to stop people from being able to download... read more
Order Status Emails
An order confirmation email is a transactional email letting customers know that their order has been received and processed. Order... read more
Case Studies
A case study is a research approach that is used to generate an in-depth, multi-faceted understanding of a complex issue... read more
Enrollment Forms
An enrollment form is a paperless solution that allows applicants to opt-in or register for a service or event your... read more
Animated Elements
From full-screen moving images to small hover effects, touches of animation are popping up everywhere. Animation is trendy, fun and... read more
Automated Blogging
Autoblog or an automated blog is a website tool that automatically pulls content from other websites using RSS feeds. Mainly... read more
Shipping Calculations
Much like there is a difference between retail and wholesale pricing, so too are there differences in how rates are... read more
Sell Configurable Products Online
n the front-end, a configurable product appears as a product with multiple custom variations (e.g. size, color, material, and any... read more
Sell Subscription Products Online
An ecommerce subscription company sells its products on a recurring basis online. Typically, it sells and ships products to customers... read more
Sell Memberships Online
Increasing customer loyalty is a fairly standard marketing tactic. Having customers pay you to join your loyalty program isn’t. That’s... read more
Content Restriction
Hidden or restricted content is any valuable media or material on your website that is kept hidden from people until... read more
Content Dripping
Developing content gets users to your site. Dripping content keeps them there. Dripping content is a method of releasing content... read more
Promotional Popups
The main goal of your eCommerce site is to promote your products. But, as a site owner, it’s not always... read more
Enhanced Analytics
The standard ecommerce plugin tracks transactions – and that’s it. It’s typically set up on the ‘Thank You’ page and... read more
Dynamic Pricing
Dynamic pricing is also referred to as surge pricing, demand pricing, or time-based pricing. This is a pricing strategy in... read more
Sell Webinars Online
A webinar (a combination of the words “web” and “seminar”) is a video workshop, lecture, or presentation hosted online using... read more
Sell Courses Online
An online course is a way to learn a new skill or gain some new knowledge from the comfort of... read more
Sell Guest Posts Online
Accepting sponsored posts on your site is a common tactic to make money online. It helps your sponsors to get... read more
Copywriting (Ghost Writing)
Copywriting is the art and science of writing copy (words used on web pages, ads, promotional materials, etc.) that sells... read more
Facebook Catalog Integration
To take advantage of Dynamic Ads products, businesses need to maintain one or more catalogs hosted in the Facebook ads... read more
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