New Plymouth superintendent resigns

NEW PLYMOUTH – New Plymouth School District Superintendent Kevin Barker has resigned from his position, after months of turmoil within the district.

In January, New Plymouth staff members called for Barker’s ouster, citing bullying and mistreatment by the administration. In two separate polls, more than 80 percent of school staff casting a vote of “no confidence” in Barker.

In the settlement agreement obtained by KTVB through a public information request, Barker will remain as a consultant for the district and be paid $1,500 a month through June 30 of 2020.

Barker will also be paid $400,000 in private funds by a third-party. According to the settlement agreement, “Barker may designate, in his discretion, how the lump sum payment is distributed to him and may direct said payment to be made to High Valley Consulting, LLC.” According to the Secretary of State’s website, High Valley Consulting, LLC is a company set up by Barker on April 25. Barker can also elect to take the lump sum payment over a period that does not exceed December 2020.

The settlement agreement states, “None of the funds related to the lump sum payment utilizes general fund monies or any public funds.”

Barker’s resignation is effective June 30 of 2020. He will continue to receive benefits and retirement benefits through that time frame.

Barker has agreed to assist the district by completing principal evaluations and help the board transition in a new superintendent.

Barker’s resignation comes just two months after New Plymouth High School Principal Clete Edmunson submitted his resignation to the New Plymouth School District Board of Trustees.

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