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Make your organization’s marketing budget go further with an expert online advertising strategy.

We take great pride in our ability to produce effective and profitable online ads for our clients every day. Our team can help you raise funds and grow at a lower cost by managing your social media marketing and supplementing your SEO with PPC ads on Google. Within 2 months, we can offer most self-managed ad accounts significant improvements to their return on investment (ROI) by dramatically reducing their cost-per-acquisition (CPA) in generating conversions.

Discover the best ad spaces for a organization looking to raise funds and grow.

Although content marketing can be an effective brand strategy over time, a good website design with a few blog posts usually won’t produce results fast enough to help most nonprofits grow when they really need it.

That’s where paid digital ads are most useful. With so many different forms of online marketing, it can be tough for nonprofit owners to know which direction they should go. Our creative agency will steer you in the right direction. Usually, it all depends on what you’re selling and who you sell to.

Facebook and Instagram are the perfect platforms for most nonprofit owners to advertise their organization. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Facebook acquired Instagram several years ago. Using your Facebook Ads Manager account, we can instantly reach thousands of people across both platforms with a relatively small budget.

Facebook’s targeting algorithms are second to none because of the intrusive amount of data they collect. However, it provides a great opportunity for organizations to reach the public service market.

Have you ever discussed a product with someone and received an ad for it moments later? That’s what we do. We can target your ads with unnerving precision. Just don’t get mad at us when people start accusing you of listening to their conversations 😉.

Advertising on Google is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience. Certain search terms are tied to people with intent. When someone has intent, they’re demonstrating an interest in buying charitable services you offer.

The biggest challenges for the average nonprofit owner are finding which keywords to target and configuring their ads properly. There are even veteran marketing companies like Duft Watterson who struggle with this. With more than 3 billion searches per day on Google, you can easily blow your entire budget in 1 minute if your ads aren’t set up right.

Google also owns YouTube, the most popular video platform in the world. Although it’s managed from a separate account, YouTube is a great place to run video ads when you have good production quality. Many creators on YouTube have a cult-like following. This creates a unique opportunity to target public service audiences via channels that are relevant to your organization.

TikTok is a social media app that’s very popular among the younger generation. It’s a video-sharing platform that allows users to create short videos with special effects. TikTok’s advertising platform is still in its infancy, but that just means the competition is low and so are the prices!

TikTok’s algorithms place content in front of people based on content they paid the most attention to in the past. This, along with video-based content, makes for fantastic engagement that produces insane results.

Similarly, Snapchat is another platform that’s popular with the young crowd and offers short, special effected videos. Although it’s more established, Snapchat’s user base is not as large or active as TikTok’s. This means that it’s still cheap to run ads on Snapchat. Snap’s platform is especially useful for geo-targeting with pinpoint accuracy, which makes it ideal for events and on-site advertising.

LinkedIn is a social media platform that has become an integral part of the work and professional world. With 400 million active monthly users, this website provides many opportunities for nonprofit owners to gain more visibility in the public service industry.

Advertising on LinkedIn is most beneficial to nonprofits that provide charitable services to other companies. With that said; it can also be useful for recruiting, creating partnerships, and networking with other organizations in the public service industry.

Twitter ads can appear in the form of sponsored tweets or promoted accounts. Sponsored tweets give you the ability to reach an audience outside of your followers list by targeting a niche group based on keywords they might be interested in. Twitter becomes especially useful when you can leverage trending topics in your advertising because people are actively engaged in those discussions.

Spotify and the radio are both popular places to advertise, but who should be running ads on these platforms?

It comes down to what you’re trying to accomplish and what matters most to your organization. If your goal is brand awareness, then advertising on Spotify or the radio could work well for you. If you’re looking for conversions, audio-based ads don’t produce many results because most users are passively listening.

If you could have a…
20% Conversion Rate and a 80x Return on Ad Spend
…would business be better for you?*

Real advertising. Real results.

Performance matters. Get a marketing agency that can do both.

*This data was extracted selectively from a client’s Google Ads account during a two week period it was being managed by Phvntom Inc. It’s unlikely for you to maintain a 80x return on ad spend for an extended period of time. Results vary.

These are a few of our past creations for digital advertising. Enjoy.

Here are some things we’ve created for other digital advertising customers. Some were selected for their great performance, while others are simply team favorites.

Random home poster

Royal Ridge

No lobster poster

No Lobster

Husky Love poster

Husky Love

Chef bacon poster

Chef Bacon

Endless Fresh Food poster

Endless Fresh Food

Quality Filters poster

Quality Filters

Our Digital Advertising Plans

We have three online advertising plans available: Startup, Business, and Enterprise. Compare them below. The tasks included in each plan indicate which requests are in-scope. Learn more about in-scope tasks here. Choose a plan that works best for your company and provides the service(s) you need.

Digital Advertising
Custom/Unlisted Digital Advertising
It would be impossible to list every task related to digital advertising, but we know you’re bound to have some... read more
Ad Account Management
Digital platforms that allow businesses to advertise provide a control panel to manage their advertisements, formally known as an ad... read more
Ad Creation
An advertisement is an audio or visual form of marketing communication that employs an openly sponsored, non-personal message to promote... read more
Budget Recommendations
There is no magic number to serve as the amount a business should spend on marketing and advertising. How much... read more
Social Media Ads
Social media ads are one of the quickest and most effective ways to connect with your target audience. These ads... read more
Search Engine Ads
Search engine advertising (also known as search advertising, Internet search advertising, or online search advertising) allows you to directly display... read more
Interest Targeting
Interest-based targeting is generally used for cold audiences – when you want to introduce yourself to people who haven’t heard... read more
Geotargeting is a way for advertisers to specify the location they want their ads to show. Advertisers can choose different... read more
Brand Awareness
Brand awareness represents how familiar your target audience is with your brand and how well they recognize it. Brands with... read more
Tracking Code Setup
Tracking codes are thematically related to cookies, counting pixels and log file analysis, and are a prerequisite for analyzing visitor... read more
Transparent Reporting
Transparent reporting is unrestricted access to key performance metrics from the original source. Most marketing platforms provide transparent reporting to... read more
Facebook Advertising
When this task is included in your active service package, it means you’ll receive assistance on Facebook that’s limited to... read more
Instagram Advertising
Instagram advertisements are managed on Facebook by using Business Manager. When this task is included in your active service package,... read more
Google Advertising
When this task is included in your active service package, it means you’ll receive assistance in Google Ads that’s limited... read more
Native Ads
Native advertising is paid content that matches the look and feel of the context in which it’s presented. Articles, infographics,... read more
Marketplace Ads
These are paid ads that appear between regular product listings on Marketplace (mobile only), helping businesses reach more users where... read more
Lookalike Targeting
Lookalike targeting is a form of audience targeting that uses lookalike audiences to increase your ROI. Lookalike targeting is used... read more
Lead Generation
Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in your... read more
Page Growth
For the work and effort you put into your business’s social media page, you want to know that the page... read more
Increase Phone Calls
We can use call ads to encourage people to call your business to place an order, receive more information or... read more
Increase Sales
The conversion objective helps you get people to complete transactions on your website, or in person, and grow business using... read more
Seasonal Promotions
Have you noticed that your website traffic performance fluctuates in annual cycles? The demand for your product or service and... read more
Email Campaigns
An email campaign is a sequence of marketing efforts that contacts multiple recipients at once. Email campaigns are designed to... read more
Landing Page Creation
Simply put, a landing page is the first page you “land on” after clicking a link. In this sense, a... read more
In-stream Ads
In-stream is an advertising system that’s familiar to most. It involves standard pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll ad placements within your... read more
Display Ads
Display advertising refers to the process of advertising a product or service through visuals like images and videos on networks... read more
Behavior Targeting
Behavioral targeting is a marketing method that uses web user information to strengthen advertising campaigns. The technique involves gathering data... read more
Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a form of online advertising that can help you keep your brand in front... read more
Hidden Interest Discovery
Facebook’s advertising platform is so dedicated to a blissful user experience that they’ve decided to hide actual targetable interests from... read more
Objective Optimization
If you go to the Facebook Ads Manager and start creating a new Facebook ad campaign, the first choice you’ll... read more
Page Engagement
Page engagement is the total number of actions that people took on your social media page and its posts, attributed... read more
Increase Store Traffic
The store traffic advertising objective allows us to create Facebook ad campaigns to increase foot traffic and boost sales at... read more
Bid Optimization
Most forms of paid digital marketing use an auction model where advertisers compete against each other to display their ads... read more
Email Autoresponders
An autoresponder is a script that automates email replies. The script is triggered by user actions either on a site... read more
Email Retargeting
Email retargeting is using the information you already have about your customers to refine the information you send them by... read more
Incentive Marketing
Everyone likes to be rewarded, especially for something they were going to do anyway. When we receive a physical (or... read more
LinkedIn Advertising
When this task is included in your active service package, it means you’ll receive assistance for LinkedIn that’s limited to... read more
Snapchat Advertising
When this task is included in your active service package, it means you’ll receive assistance for Snapchat that’s limited to... read more
Please note: advertising plans only include the services being provided and do not fund your ad account(s). You will be responsible for all expenses incurred by the platforms you want to advertise on. How much should I budget for ad spend?
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