Marketing in the Construction Industry

Marketing in the construction industry can be a tricky thing to navigate. That is why we are here for you! Follow this complete guide to marketing in the construction industry. We will go over marketing ideas, contractor marketing agencies, marketing construction services, and digital marketing for contractors. This will give you any & everything you need to know about construction marketing! 

Construction Marketing Ideas

Some may think that marketing and coming up with ideas to make construction interesting is difficult… so we are here to help you. This is a list of ideas for construction marketing content:

  • Before & After videos – Try to use video transitions
  • Blogging to help customers understand complex construction terms
  • Advertise good reviews from your customers
  • Use humor – construction jokes/memes that anyone can understand
  • Post helpful tips – how to get a better deal on your construction corner, how to budget your construction project
  • Create an email campaign, in order to give deals to previous clients (email marketing)
  • Advertise promotions
  • Advertise what makes your company different & special
  • Video marketing – get testimonials

Most of all, remember to keep it fun and casual. Your company has a voice, and let that show through your posts and marketing.

In order to have good success with your marketing efforts, remember that you need to have a solid website design. It is also essential that your website be mobile friends. A good marketing team should be able to do those things. Also to have success you need to always keep your target audience in mind.

Contractor Marketing Agency

Finding a marketing agency that matches your companies needs and voice is incredibly important. Here are some questions to ask a marketing agency that you are considering hiring, in order to make sure you get the right fit!

  • How often would we meet to discuss my companies marketing campaign?
  • What is your marketing plan for my business?
  • How much of an advertisement budget do you think we need?
  • How would you advertise our business?
  • What platforms would you run advertising on?
  • Can you do website updates for us? Or build us one?

Something that a marketing agency should be able to do for you is create a specific construction marketing strategy. Construction is different, in fact marketing each industry is completely different. Make sure that the marketing agency you pick is ready for that, and potentially has experience in the field.

A marketing agency should be able to provide SEO services for you, handle your paid advertisements, handle ppc advertising, and all online marketing. Otherwise, what are you paying them for? They should make your life easier, and bring you more clients than you brought in on your own.

Google my business is an interesting idea and newer thing among the digital age. Believe it or not, someone could be searching and googling for your specific business, and yet your company will not be the first one to show up on the search. That is why SEO is so important. If you competitors are smart, they can get their company to show up before yours no matter what someone searches. That is why it is so important to hire the right marketing agency.

These are just a couple ideas of questions to ask your potential marketing agency! Make sure they are the right fit, and understand that it may take a couple months to see the results of your advertising.

Marketing Construction Services

Construction businesses tend to have a lot of services that they offer. It is important that you outline these services on your website. However, a better and simpler way to outline these services could be on your social media. There are a couple different ways that you can do this. If you were trying to advertise different services on Instagram you could put a highlight reel on your profile of videos of all the difference services labeled. Your company could also just post on their feed a video/picture of the difference services. In the caption you could name the service and describe what is included with it.

The most important thing is to have it clearly outlined on your website. Although social media marketing is important, the heart to your company is your website. Everything that you do on the internet will be routed back to it. It is where you will generate your leads. So, make sure you have a good and up to date website.

Digital Marketing for Contractors

Digital marketing entails a lot of different things. This would include: social media and digital advertisements. The two biggest digital marketing tools. Almost 80% of marketing is done digitally now. Only a small percentage of advertisements are still print. So, making sure that your construction company has a good digital marketing strategy is very important.

Make sure that your company has an active social media presence. Your company should portray a voice, by staying consistent. Refer to the list above for ideas of what to post on social media. Be sure to make it a little fun! People need an entertainment or informative reason to follow your account, so make sure they have that.

Digital advertisements are very important. Your company should be running ads on google and facebook. Each holds its own importance and benefit your company in different ways. Facebook creates more company and brand awareness. Whereas google ads will generate more leads, since they will show up when customers search for related keywords to your business.