Marketing for Builders Guaranteed for Success

Success for builders is by generating a lot of qualified leads. If you can keep your crew booked and busy at all times, then you are already doing something right. In order to do that your business either has amazing word of mouth advertising, or you are doing a really great job at marketing your business.

The first step in marketing is to identify who your target market is. This can differ from each construction business, it is up to you what type of builds you would like to focus on. This could be residential or this could be commercial, whatever it is you need to identify who your target market is.

When you know who your target market is then you are able to get into their mind, and assess what would you search if you were in need of a construction company. We understand that getting in the mind of your target market can be a weird process, but it is absolutely essential.

Marketing Ideas for Builders

Never think that seeing a construction site or builder at work would be too boring for social media. This is actually one of the most popular growing trends on social media right now. People are absolutely obsessed with seeing before and after videos and pictures. People also love seeing the creativity behind fixing a problem that you run into on the job site.

Social media marketing is an important aspect of any business, but especially the service industries. If your company is not on Facebook, it is time to make an account. We suggest that you use Facebook if you are only going to pick one social media platform. This is because Facebook has the most users, and the most active daily users.

Having a social media page where people can see your past work, and the project you are currently working on builds trust between your business and the client. People are often worried about hiring a contractor that cannot carry out their vision. That is why they like to see the work you have done in the past so that they know your crew is talented, and that they can trust you with their vision.

A great way to demonstrate your crews amazing work is to do a virtual tour. This can give the target audience a great overview of what a job site with your company would look like. If you leave a bunch of trash everywhere or if your crew does good work and is clean.

We understand that you did not become a builder to have to manage a social media page. If you do not find running a social media page fun at all, consider hiring a marketing company. They can handle all your social media management for you, and after all they are professionals for a reason!

Marketing Strategies for Builders

We are going to walk you through all the digital marketing strategies for a builder and their company. First thing that you absolutely need to make sure that your business has is a website. If your company does not have a website, then you actually have no online presence.

Make sure that a professional has built your site, and that it is up to date. If a professional handled building your site then they should have paid attention to your sites search engine optimization (SEO). This is what controls where your company shows up on the search results page when someone searches for a “builder near me.”

Your website should have frequent call to actions. A call to action is essentially getting people who visit your website to do what you want them to do. For a builder this is most likely having them fill out a contact form, so that you can contact them and potential have a job.

The next marketing strategy is using Google advertisements. Something to keep in mind is that google advertisements are on a pay per click system. This means you do not pay for every screen that you show up on, you only pay if someone clicks on the advertisement that should take them to your site.

Google advertisements are quite complex because they are paid advertisements, so you may want to consider reaching out to a marketing agency to have them run and manage your google advertisements. You can always try to run them on your own first, and see how it goes. However, ultimately they are the professionals for a reason.

Email marketing is another great marketing strategy that is often forgotten. It is great if you get a lead and it becomes a job, but that does not mean that they will not ever need a builder again. Email marketing allows you to not lose that connection, and then when they do need a builder again they will turn to your company.

Marketing Agencies for Builders

You should be able to find one marketing agency that can do everything your business will need. You do not want your marketing efforts to go to waste, so take the time to make sure you found a good marketing agency.

You should ask a marketing agency that you are considering if they have ever represented someone in the construction industry before. If they have that is a good sign, because they have already been through some trial and error of what works in the construction industry.

You do not need a marketing agency that you can meet face to face with. You simply need a marketing agency that will stay in frequent and constant contact with you, so that you always know what they are doing to bring your business more leads.

A marketing agency should be able to help you generate potential customers, and then it is your job to make them actual customers.

Always make sure that the marketing agency you are about to hire has a complete marketing campaign lined out for your company. They should always be going in with a plan, otherwise they will end up wasting a lot of your budget.

If you have any more questions reach out to Phvntom Inc. They are a great marketing agency and would be more than happy to help you.