Marketing for a Landscaping Business

Many service industries tend to rely on word of mouth advertising, especially if their business has been around for a long time. This is not a smart marketing strategy anymore with the rising demand of companies to have an online presence. Online marketing is the new way to grow your business.

To have an adequate digital marketing strategy you first need to have a website with strong web design/website design. This will most likely require you to hire a marketing agency to build your website, if you do not have one. As a business owner you need to make sure that your website is also up to date, it is not enough to just have one anymore.

Once you have a strong website you can begin working on other marketing strategies to grow your landscaping business. This will include running google advertisements. Something to keep in mind with google advertisements is that they are pay per click ads.

Pay per click means that you do not have to pay for every screen your advertisement shows up on, your business only has to pay if someone clicks on the advertisement. If they click on the advertisement this means they could very likely be a potential lead.

Your landscaping business will also need to focus on email marketing. This is a powerful tool because someone can go years without wanting to redo their yard. By the time a past client want to redo their yard, there is a good chance they will not remember what company they worked with before.

However, if you got their email address while you first did work for them then you can send them an email blast every so often. Then when it comes time for them to want to redo their yard, they can look in their email and find your business.

Social media is also an important form of marketing for any business. Your social media does not have to have thousands of followers. It is just more important that you are consistent with your post, and that you are posting authentic and engaging content.

Something that people may want to see on your social media pages would be lawn care, since many people do not know proper lawn care for their new lawn you created. Although this may not bring you in many potential clients, it will keep your past clients happy and talking about your company.

Target Market for Landscaper

This is up to the business owner to decide. A marketing agency can make suggestions, but ultimately you need to decide what type of homes you would like to do the yard work for.

Some options of target markets may be areas with larger homes, and larger yards. It may be easier for you to identify who would not be in your target market. Such as, apartment complexes or different places like that.

Your target market will most likely be based off of location. Where are there a lot of big commercial building, or where are there a lot of residential homes concentrated.

More importantly always consider where you do not want to advertise, and the types of lawns that you would not want to be working on. You can make those negative keywords in your google advertisements.

You may also want to do the landscaping for a commercial location, and that is great! It is more important to just have a specific target market so that you can direct your google advertisements into areas that would have your target market.

Marketing Agency for Landscapers

When you are looking for a digital marketing agency you want to remember that marketing teams are really just an extension of your team. You should all be working towards the same goal – to bring your company more success.

You need a marketing agency that can handle all of your marketing campaigns at once, you do not want multiple different marketing agencies handling your marketing efforts.

Something to ask a potential marketing agency is if they have ever worked with a lawn landscaping company, and what results did they see from that. You may also want to ask them how familiar they are with the green industry.

An amazing marketing agency should be able to do all digital marketing services. This ranges from creating a website to handing social media management. They should be able to do it all.

We just happen to know a really amazing marketing agency – Phvntom Inc. They allow you to do month to month plans so that you are not stuck in a long contract.

Phvntom Inc also gives you the ability to choose different level plans, so that you can tailor their skills to exactly what your business needs.

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