It’s a bloomin’ honor: Nampa Garden Club doles out ‘Good Neighbor’ awards to beautiful yards

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Two Nampa residents have been lauded with the Nampa Garden Club’s annual “Good Neighbor Award,” given to those who “maintain their own yard and beautify their neighborhood.”

Jeanette Corso, secretary of the club said, “2018 has been a busy year for the Nampa Garden Club, but one of our favorite activities in the hustle and bustle of spring is awarding our annual ‘Good Neighbor Award.’”

One of the recipients is Jean Aaron who has lived in her current home for 18 years. “She was born and raised in a logging camp in North Plaines, Oregon but moved to Idaho in 1972,” said Corso. “Jean has over 100 rose bushes surrounding her lovely home along with hostas, lillies, and too many flowering pollinator plants to name. The front and back yard is amazing with its rainbow of colors from the hanging baskets to the flower beds. There are graceful archways, birdhouses, yard decor and little critters all throughout. Jean does most of the yard work with a little help from her daughter and she has created a feast for the eye and a yard to envy.”

Terry and Joyce Montague have the second awarded yard and have lived in their home for 30 years. “Terry worked in vocational rehabilitation before retiring and now works as a biographer and Joyce works for hospice,” Corso said. “Terry’s love for gardening goes back to his childhood when he worked with his parents and they passed the gift forward.

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“I am not sure words are going to be enough to describe this beautiful yard that Terry and Joyce have created,” Corso said. “The home is totally surrounded by gardens, mature trees with large rock borders and a wheelbarrow planter. There are hanging planters, large pots on the patio, all types of pollinator perennials, hostas, columbine, hollyhocks and sweet peas, etc. The flowers go on and on filling the yard with color all season. Terry and Joyce garden from the heart and love to share their beautiful yard with others. Terry’s favorite pastime is going to a nursery and enjoying the smells and taking in the beauty of all the plants and flowers.”

Corso, along with the club’s president, Charlene Hammonds, said the club “so enjoys giving this award because we are blessed in the giving,” adding that “visiting with these homeowners and listening to their stories on how they created their yard designs through the years is really inspiring.”

A plaque located in Nampa City Hall will be engraved with the recipients’ names.


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