Idaho Life: Spared from summer heat and smoke at Westy’s Garden Lanes

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When the summer heat and seasonal smoke overhead become overbearing, energy-burning activities move from outside to in.

“It’s supposed to be over 100 today,” says Jamie Flynn, the desk manager at Westy’s Garden Lanes. “Lots of smoke in the air.”

Which is why many make their way to the Garden City bowling alley.

Sure, it’s hot outside but some still want to get some exercise.

“But mostly it’s just to get together to practice,” says one woman who plays in a bowling league and comes to Westy’s often. “And gossip.”

Busybodies aren’t the only way make this place busy.

“Lotta kids,” says Jamie. “Lotta kids come in.”

And a day like today brings them in by the bunches.

“Are you guys excited?” asks Melissa Burt. “To go bowling?”

Melissa is leading in a large group from Gem State Gymnastics, looking to break the routine without breaking a sweat.

“Air-conditioned, friendly environment, music, bowling, how can you go wrong?” asks Jamie about coming into Westy’s.

So while some are here working on their game Melissa is working to squeeze 35 pint-sized kingpins into five of Westy’s 40 lanes. Which is why keeping count of the kids may be more important than keeping score.

“So you should have eleven over here,” says Melissa to one of the lanes.

This is bowling with 5- and 6-year-olds. From the labored lifting to the considerable dropping of bowling balls, Melissa’s morning doesn’t seem to be stopping.

“Thank you, sit down,” she says to one little boy.

So keeping it cool may help in keeping it together.

“They have the air conditioner up high here, yeah,” Melissa says.

Another day of daycare day trips.

“And, so, by the time I’m done I’m like, ‘Can I go to bed?'” she says, laughing

Busy, but better than being outside.

“Not with the weather like this, you know?” Melissa admits. “It’s too hot, the air quality is not real great.”

But the bowling is just right.

“Well, bumpers,” she says. “I mean, everybody loves bumpers.”

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