Idaho Gives: the mission of the Society of St. Vincent De Paul

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BOISE– Idaho’s largest single day of giving is coming up this Thursday, May 3. Idaho Gives will help nearly 600 nonprofits across the state.

This year’s fundraising goal is $1.5 million.

You can make a donation to help feed the hungry, fight cancer, rescue pets, support the arts, encourage education, or some other worthy cause.

But maybe you don’t know which nonprofit you’d like to support. One to consider is the Society of St. Vincent De Paul.

The Society has five different locations from Mountain Home to Caldwell, including the one on Overland Road in Boise.

Executive Director Ralph May says they help more than 500 families every week with things including groceries and meals at food pantries or dining halls, vouchers, even rental assistance.

“Programs like this and the community dinners really help me integrate into society and actually kind of cope and prosper,” food pantry client Matthew McPadden said.

“I am very passionate about this because it’s a chance to really see a difference made at a very root level with the people,” Society of St. Vincent De Paul of Southwest Idaho Executive Director Ralph May said. “It’s something that they are many times in very desperate need. We can turn that and make that make the difference in their lives.”

You can search for nonprofits and make a donation on the Idaho Gives website. We also have a link to that and a lot of information in the Idaho Gives Event Guide on the Community Page of KTVB.COM.

The Idaho Gives website is open now for donations.

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