HVAC Pay Per Click Marketing

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning… all essentials to the modern American home. Everyone needs it and they break all the time. So, it seems like not a lot of marketing should need to be done. However, that is so wrong! There are a lot of companies going after the same market, and your job is to use marketing to show your clients why your company is the best choice. People need to feel that they can trust you to do a good job, since they are welcoming you into your home. Marketing can be tricky with whatever industry, but especially service industries.

Pay per click marketing is how you get potential customers to turn in to real customers. This is what you may call a paid search in your marketing strategy. Running PPC ads will be the foundation to your HVAC digital marketing. First things first you will want an ad copy, also known as the advertisement you would like displayed. Once you have your ad copy then you can work on your PPC campaign. This includes selecting keywords that you would like your advertisement to show up for. This means when someone searches for a specific word or phrase that you find relevant to your company, then your advertisement will show up in their search engine results. You will have to set a bid for each keyword. A bid is how much you are willing to pay if someone were to click on your advertisement.

Another important part of your ad campaign is having a landing page. This means a page on your website that someone will be brought to when they click on your advertisement. This is where the real contact will happen. On this landing page you want to make sure that you have your companies contact information or a contact form for them to fill out all over the page. Make it easy for them to make contact.

Lastly, you want to work on your local SEO. This means when you run your advertisements you want to make sure that you are running them in your service area. Otherwise, that would be a waste of a click to get a lead that is not even where you service. It only matters how your advertisement preforms in your service area, nowhere else.

HVAC Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing strategies can entail more than most people think. Lets break it down:

  • Consistent posts
  • Use of stories and polls
  • Engage your audience (ask questions!)
  • Respond to comments if you can
  • Make fun posts
  • Make informative posts
  • Use it to promote deals and events
  • Testimonial videos & online reviews

A big mistake of social media marketing is not using stories! These are great place to get engagement from your audience. It can be simple by having a poll that they can quickly vote on. Maybe a question box so that they can ask any questions they may have about your company. It is all about boosting engagement on social media. The more you boost your engagement the more interest you will get through social media. Although social media may not directly get your company a lot of leads, it will indirectly help. You are creating a brand, a voice, and a connection with your target audience. The more they relate with your brand, the more likely their will be to use your company!

The social media platform that you want to focus on is Facebook. This is because 70% of people are on Facebook, and of that population 70% of them are active every single day. This shows how Facebook is still king of the social media world. You want to reach as much as the population as possible on one site, and as of now this is still Facebook. Another great thing about Facebook is that you can plan out your post. That means you can sit down for a couple hours in the beginning of the month, and then not have to think about it again for the remainder of the month.

You want your social media posting to be consistent, entertaining, and informative. It is not a good idea to create a business Facebook page, and then disappear for years. That is a good way to lose a lot of your followers. Which followers for the service industry is not always easy to come by. This is because not everyone wants to hear about heating, ventilation, and AC everyday. That is why it is your job to give them a reason to continue to follow. This can be an entertainment, informative, or monetary (deals and promotions) reason to follow you.

HVAC Marketing Consultant

There are a lot of outside marketing consultants that are familiar with what HVAC is. However, you need to make sure that a marketing consultant will be able to drive your business and create leads for you. There would be constant communication between you and your marketing consultant. If they are only willing to meet with you once a month, then maybe you should reconsider your choice. They need to understand the brand and message that you want to portray. They should simply be an extension of your company, and flow as one.

You just ultimately need a marketing company that you like, and that you can trust. They should make your life easier, and not feel like they are adding additional stresses to your life. Ultimately you need to find one marketing agency that can handle all the marketing needs of your HVAC business. There are a lot of HVAC companies, and hiring a marketing agency will allow you to stay competitive.

At Phvntom, we meet with our clients as much as they would like. This can be once a week, or once ever other week. However, we do not like to go more than two weeks without communication. We are well trained and experienced in all things HVAC and service related. Feel free to contact us to get a free estimate on your plan, or follow our cost outlines!