HVAC Marketing Plan

Marketing is all about generating leads. This can be a tricky thing when competition is growing and becoming more competitive. We get it, there are a lot of businesses out there that just seem to be popping up. In reality, these businesses may have been around for a long time, and you just didn’t know about them. Why are you noticing and hearing about them now? Because they hired a marketing agency. This marketing agency gave their website a nice face lift, started running ads for them, and just overall is giving them an online presence. That is what you need to start growing and generating the leads that you desire – an online presence.

Marketing plans can be complex. There are social media, advertising, brand packaging layers to each marketing plan. One quick tip, try to keep your business to one marketing agency. It can get complex and confusing when lots of people that do not work together try to manage one company. You want your company to have a “voice.” In order to create this unique voice, you need one company that understands this running your marketing plan.

Through this article we hope you walk you through some of the steps necessary for generating leads and having an HVAC marketing plan that will ultimately lead to success. After all, that is what everyone wants for your company – success. You want success, and that is also what the marketing agency you hire wants. If they cannot keep you in business and generate leads for you, then that means that they will not stay in business. So, you are both working towards a very common goal.

HVAC Marketing Agency

You should have a marketing agency that will meet with you frequently! It is important that you have an agency that will incorporate what makes your company’s brand unique and special. The only way to know what makes your company unique – is for them to talk to you! Here at Phvntom, we talk to all of our clients as much as they would like, but we do not like to go more than two weeks without at least a quick catch up.

The other thing that you may want to consider when trying to find a HVAC marketing agency, is have they done any work in this field before? This can be a tricky one, because marketing to services is different than products. You want to make sure that your marketing agency is equipped and ready for the challenge! The best way to see if they are prepared, is to see what their marketing plan would be for your company.

A marketing agency should be able to handle all things marketing for you. If they cannot do every single thing that you want in your marketing plan, then find one that can. It is not a good idea to have multiple different marketing agencies working on your business at one time. This is because their style and tone of voice will most likely differ. In addition, when you have two different agencies working for your HVAC business then it is more than likely that things will fall through the cracks. So, find one agency that can do everything you want. This means website design, running Google ads, Facebook ads, managing your social media, and anything else you may want done.

We happen to know a great marketing agency – Phvntom Inc. They have excellent customer service and can help you grow your business. They have experience in working with the HVAC industry and generating leads in specific service areas. They can help you work on your marketing campaigns, email marketing, and growing your customer base. They are also able to run Google ads which are ppc ads. Lastly, Phvntom Inc is able to create and update HVAC websites.

As a potential HVAC contractor we know that you do not want to spend all your time working on marketing, that is why you hire a marketing agency. They should be able to take all marketing aspects out of your hands. Let you get back to doing what you love, and we will do what we love.

HVAC Business Marketing Plan

There is a LOT to a HVAC marketing plan. Lets break it down in the simplest way possible:

  • Have a consistent social media presence
  • Run Google and Facebook ads
  • Have a modern website

These are the BARE essentials to your marketing plan. However, it can quickly get more complex. The most important thing to focus on for HVAC companies specifically would be your website. The internet is a fast paced place, and your website should have constant touchups. If you do not have a website with a good SEO or lead generation strategy, then you will have a hard time gaining leads from your ads and social medial.

Ultimately, everything leads back to your website. That is why you need to make sure your website has a great call to action, and is as modern as possible. If your website is too outdated and you have no online presence, people may wonder if your company is still around. So have a good online presence, and an even better website!

If you are not able to show up on a search engine like Google, then it is going to be extremely hard if not impossible to bring in potential customers. HVAC services are generally part of the emergency, last minute services. That is why a large part of your HVAC company should be working on HVAC marketing strategies. That way when the emergency does come and someone in your service area searches for an HVAC company, yours should be the first to pop up.

In order to show up on google that means that your company needs to have a good SEO on your website. This can potentially include publishing blog posts. However, another good way to drive people back to your website is to run ad campaigns. SEO can be tricky and is forever changing. That means that you will need to stay up to date and current on it. Believe it or not your website is not something that you can publish and then forget about. You need to be constantly updating it with the new promotions that you have, or even gallery pictures that you get on the job site.