How to Package Social Media Services and Offer Them to Clients

By August 8, 2019August 22nd, 2019No Comments

You want to offer the best services to your clients, right?

At the same time, you’re wary of making your social media agency look like a jack of all trades—and a master of none.

The more specific your agency’s offering is, the higher the chance of delivering better results to your clients. Why? Because packaging your services by the type of work you do can help clients see you as an expert

If they’re looking for a specialist (like video creation or influencer outreach expert), you’ll win their business if you’ve already got a pre-made package suited to them. 

Packaging your social media services also helps you meet and exceed client expectations. Both sides start on the same page, and your client knows exactly what is—or isn’t—included in the package they’re purchasing.

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