How to make effective HVAC ads

HVAC, something people never want to deal with going out. HVAC means heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. These are the things that every modern home needs. However, people only really call at the last minute when something goes wrong. These are rarely things that people prepare for. So, your market and advertising needs to reflect that. The urgency, the emergency, and already having your brand in people’s head so that they do not have to think about calling – they just call. Use your HVAC advertisements to gain leads, and ultimately lead to great growth in your business. 

HVAC Advertising

There are two forms of advertisement platforms for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning company. These two platforms are google ads and facebook ads. Both are essential, however you may consider dedicating more time and money to one over the other. The general one that will be more likely to generate leads would be google ads. Facebook ads are still incredibly important, and we will go into that more later.

Google ADs: show up when someone searches for a keyword that you placed a bid for.

  • Keywords like “heating went out” and “what to do if AC goes out”
  • More instant leads
  • Going after a specific target

Google ads are great because when someone is searching for a HVAC company, or in need of HVAC services your company will promptly show up. This is the right there and now customers, that are frequent and common for HVAC companies.

Facebook ADs: show up at random on peoples page, gets them thinking about your company.

  • less direct
  • creates your company brand and awareness
  • leads in the long run

Facebook ads are all about creating brand recognition, which is also important. Facebook ads are working for the long run. However, it is still a great away to beat out the competition. This is because if you have good brand recognition and awareness this will save your potential customers from even searching for an HVAC company when their heater goes out. They will already have a company in mind – yours. This is a great way to eliminate competition before it even begins.

Google ads and Facebook ads hold almost similar value and weight to your companies success. Most of all, it is knowing how to properly run an ad campaign. Keywords, promotions, placement… all these things are what ACTUALLY matter! There needs to be extensive research done. If you do not run your ads correctly, you will never generate a lead. This is why many companies choose to go with someone whose job is to run advertisements. This would be a marketing agency. If you don’t think you can run your ad campaign well, then start considering a marketing agency. They will pay for themselves in the long run in leads.

One last little reminder to help guide you in running your HVAC business. This may be the most important thing to understand about Google advertisements specifically: they are a ppc ads. This means they are a pay per click advertisement. You do not have to pay for every screen your advertisements show up on. You only have to pay if someone clicks it. This is pretty great because if someone clicks your ad that means you are a lot more likely to actually get a conversion from it. Instead of having to pay for the thousands of screens your advertisement may show up on, you only have to pay for the number of people who click it.

In addition, you control how much a lead or click to your website is worth to you. In HVAC industries and businesses it is going to be a lot more than other industries. This is because these clicks do not come through as frequently as they may on a clothing website. Also, the cost of these services and the profit margin is far higher than it may be in the clothing industry. That means that each person visiting your website is more valuable to an HVAC company than a clothing company.

We understand, this is quite complex. That is why for some companies that have no experience in running ads, it may be beneficial to hire a marketing agency. That is because they will actually save you money by already knowing what to do. Instead of you essentially wasting money in the trial and error process of trying to create an advertisement campaign through Google or Facebook. Just remember, if it is not working and you do not see results from a marketing agency running your advertisements – you can always ask them to pause the ads. If it is just simply not working at all then you can cancel the advertisements all together.

It seems scary handing marketing your business over to someone else, but just remember that they know a lot more about all of this. That is because they have made it their job. So, never be afraid to give it a try for a little while. Although you handed off marketing, you are ultimately still in complete control.

Ultimate Guide to HVAC Advertising

In order to have good digital marketing you need a HVAC website first and foremost. Something that your advertisements can actually link back to. In addition having a good website builds trust in your company. On your website you need to have a call to action, just like you have in your ads. The call to action should be simple, like filling out a form. It would also be wise to mention your service area on your website if you are a local business.

A website with good search engine optimization also gives your company the best chance to show up first in the search results. This would most likely be a google search, as google is the number one search engine used. That is something important to keep in mind in your marketing campaigns. If you can reach 70% of the population on one platform, then why wouldn’t you do that, right?

The next step when collecting your potential clients contact information from the form they filled out is using email marketing. This means adding them to your email list, and giving them exclusive deals through it. If you do not offer deals, then there is a good chance they will just unsubscribe.

There is a lot to HVAC marketing strategies, and we have generally found that it is not something that an HVAC contractor would like to dedicate the time to learning. That is why there are marketing agencies like Phvntom Inc. They are able to handle your website design, run your advertisements on multiple platforms, run your social media, and email campaigns. Sounds pretty nice to have someone take it all out of your hands? I’m sure it does, and that is why so many people choose to hire a marketing agency.

If you would like to hand it over to the professions, feel free to reach out to Phvntom Inc today. They are trained and have experience in handling HVAC companies with great success. After all, it has been proven time and time again that the leads Phvntom Inc brings in to companies greatly outweighs their cost. Call or email them today if you would like to know more.