How to Grow Your Painting Business

In order to grow you business in today’s world, you are going to need to focus on digital marketing. If someone were to google your business, would you even be the first search result?

If you are not the first search result then you need to work on your local SEO. This is your businesses search engine optimization, or organic search results. This is something that you will need to reach out to a marketing agency to receive more information on how to fix your SEO.

The answer you will likely receive will be you need to update your website, get more backlinks, or write blog posts. These are things to keep in mind because they do have the ability to improve your companies search results.

If your business is still relying on word of mouth advertising, then you have a long way to go. There is no reason to panic, there are plenty of skilled marketing professionals who will be able to help you build a website, run google advertisements, and get you on social media platforms.

If your business has a solid and up to date website, then it may be time to start running some google advertisements. Running google advertisements are a powerful tool because you are able to set keywords that if searched your would want your advertisement to show up for. That way it is not random who’s screen your advertisement shows up on.

The main key to success when trying to grow your painting business is simply consistency. If you are consistent with updating your website, receiving reviews, writing blog posts, positing on social media, and following up with leads – then you are getting your business up for maximum success.

If you still have more questions about how to grow your business, feel free to reach out to a marketing agency like Phvntom Inc. They would be more than happy to give you some free advice on how to best market your painting business.

How Do Painters Get Leads

In order to get leads your business must first decide who their target audience is. This means identifying a common characteristic between the people who your business is trying to have become customers. This may be being homeowners for a painting business.

Once you have your target audience, you can begin running paid advertisements. This will most likely be google ads in comparison to Facebook ads. This is just because google ads are when someone is specifically searching for something that indicated they need your services right now.

Another great way to get leads is by simply putting a lawn sign in the yards of houses that you just finished painting. On your sign you will want the logo and phone number of your business. It would also be a good idea to mention that you are a painting company if your logo and company name does not make that clear.

Make sure that you have business cards to handout to anyone you meet. On your business card you will want to clearly identify the painting services that your business handles. This way if someone needs more painting services down the road, they can find your card and remember what company they used before.

The main ways that you will have consistent lead generation will be by running google advertisements. If you can only focus on one lead generation strategy that is the one that we would suggest you focus on.

Your google advertisements can bring you a lot of potential customers, but it is up to you to make them actual customers. This means you need to be following up on all the leads that you receive. If someone does not respond when you call them back, you should reach out about three times.

If someone does not respond after the third time you reach out, then they may not be interested anymore or it was not a quality lead.

In the case that you are still having a hard time generating leads, then it may be time to consider reaching out to a marketing agency to receive some professional help. They will be able to manage your social media, website design, and google advertisements. In addition, they will be able to use your budget with more efficiently than you were likely able to.

How Can I Advertise My Painting Business on Social Media

If you want your company to be more competitive in social media marketing, the first thing you will need to do is create a social media business page. If you want to only be on one social media site, we would suggest you be on Facebook. This is because Facebook has the most users in their database. Of those users they have the most daily active users.

Once you have a business social media page, you can start working on your content. The most important aspect of your content is too have authentic content. People would rather have authentic content than a stock photo that looks really nice.

You can post your painting jobs, and show the amazing before and after photos. The type of photos that people will most likely be able to relate with or understand will be house painting photos.

Another great tool to use when making social media content is humor. People need a reason to continue to follow your business. Whether it be entertainment value, monetary value, or informational value. Your social media posts need to hit one of those three values otherwise it will be likely that your followers will not be very engaged and your following will not be growing.

As a painting contractor you can always run promotions through your social media page, to thank those that do follow you. An example of a promotion that you could run through your social media page could be a free painting of a house to someone who comments on your post.

If you find running a social media page incredibly boring or too time consuming, there are marketing professionals that can take social media management out of your hands. If you are interested in having someone else manage your social media, reach out to Phvntom Inc. They would be more than happy to help, or just offer you some free advice.