How to Grow a Small Electrical Business

Growing your electrical business can be a daunting task. That is why we are here to help! If you are a local business or a small business the first thing to consider is to stop running off of word of mouth advertising. You need to have a website, and be running google advertisements to raise awareness of your brand.

When you are a small company it is likely that people just simply do not know about you. Through this article we want to walk you through how to change that. Always remember that you have the option to hire a marketing agency. We understand that this can seem like a large cost to a small business, but if they do their work right they should bring you more revenue than they are costing you.

At Phvntom Inc we allow you to do month to month plans, which smaller businesses usually really appreciate. This is so you are not stuck in a long contract when you are not sure if you will be able to afford it. The truth is you really can’t afford to not have a marketing agency. If you do not get serious about your marketing, then your business is not going to bring in those potential customers.

Electrical Contractor Marketing Ideas

The ideas that we have will be geared towards social media marketing ideas. If you do not have a company profile on Facebook yet, it is time to make one. Have your logo as your profile photo, and just start posting anything that you think is fun. We do suggest that you use Facebook, due to the fact that they have the largest user database and the largest amount of daily active users.

One of the biggest mistakes in the electrical world, is thinking that people do not want to see your content! Believe it or not you can still make electrical work fun and engaging to see.

One of peoples absolute favorites is to see before and after photos. If you walk into a job that is just a mess of wires, snap a picture of that. Then you need to take a picture of your finished work, and just them side by side. There is a great post that you can use.

Another marketing idea for an electrical contractor would be to use humor. This is the best thing that any company could do actually. People love humor, and if you can make them laugh then they will continue to follow you.

Whatever you think is interesting and that would best represent your company is great to post and use. People just want to see real and authentic photos. If you think that you would be engaged if your post crossed your feed, then you are posting the right things.

Keep it real and keep it fun. Maybe you wan to consider offering a special promotion to people who follow you. There are a lot of fun ways to get engaged with social media content. If you think that it is fun and engaging then there is a good chance that your audience will feel the same way.

Marketing agencies almost always offer social media management if you think that social media is boring or pointless. They would be more than happy to do it for your company, so that you don’t have to. The only thing is they may want you to send in photos for them to use, since people do like authentic photos far more than stock photos. However, your company does need to have a social media page!

Electrician Marketing Strategies

The biggest and most important strategy in any business (but especially an electrical business) is to have a good search engine optimization. This is referred to as “organic search.”

You want to show up on the first page of the search results for when someone in your area searches “electrician near me.” Your business does not need to rank all over the world, just for your local SEO. Wherever your business services.

The biggest thing that we struggle with in marketing service companies is getting them to follow through on EVERY lead! This does not mean just reaching out to them once, you should reach out to a lead at least three times. If they do not respond after the third time, then there is a good chance that they are not interested.

Running google advertisements is important because they run off of keywords. This gives you the ability to set keywords that you think someone would have when looking for an electrical business in your area. You place a bid for those keywords, and if you win the bid when that keyword is used your advertisement will show up.

You want your business to have a strong online presence. This means that you need to have an up to date website, google advertisements, and social media presence. If you hit these three, then your business will be in pretty good shape.

There is a lot to digital marketing strategy, so much that we cannot fit it into one article. If you have more questions or want some free advice – reach out to Phvntom Inc.

How to Get More Electrical Leads

As a business owner you always want to know “where is my next job?” So while we understand how marketing is important to any business, we really understand how it is essential to service businesses. The main part of marketing for a service business is to create lead generation.

You need to have a strong lead generation service in order to be secure in your long term business. When you have security of the long term then you can start taking bigger risks and chances to help your business grow.

Word of mouth is a way that you can gain a lot of leads, however there is no way for you to regulate or control word of mouth advertising. That is why you cannot rely on it because then your business can go through periods of no work and then a lot of work.

The hard thing with lead generation is that you don’t want leads that are not high quality. Otherwise you can potentially get a got of leads, but they will end up wasting your time. Something that we have noticed from working with service companies is that phone numbers are a much higher quality lead than getting someones email. It is easy to let an email get lost in the spam.

Don’t forget: you can always reach out to a marketing agency to help you! This does not mean you have to sign up with the marketing agency, you can just reach out to them for some free advice. At Phvntom we are more than happy to give you some free advice!