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How to Find Work for My Construction Company?

LEADS! We know that what every construction company wants, and we have the secrets to how to get them. There is a lot of variables that go into getting construction leads. So many in fact, that we made an entire lead generation strategy guide for construction companies. Contact Phvntom today if you would like to download it! If you want to stick to the basics right now that I completely fine, we will walk you through what we can in a short post! So, this is your guide to finding work for you construction company and marketing for construction companies – simplified.

Marketing Ideas Construction Companies

Marketing is the wave of the business world nowadays. It is a necessary evil, that you simply can’t escape. This can be difficult for many in the construction industry, because you didn’t have to do this before. So, don’t get lost in the weeds. We are here to give you some construction marketing ideas:

  • Before & Afters
  • Timelapse videos of your crew working
  • Use humor!

These are some basic ideas. The truth is a WHOLE lot goes into marketing. That is why in today’s world we have entire marketing firms. A personal favorite is before and afters. They give you the perfect opportunity to show how talented your crew is. On top of that, people love watching them. Marketing ideas is not the whole picture on how to market your company. There is running ads, being present on social media, staying up to date on trends, having a good landing page/website, and so much more. If you want to have some professional help guide you through the entire picture – contact Phvntom Inc to get advise or get our Lead Generation Strategy Guide. 

Successful Construction Business Models

There are a lot of moving parts to a construction business. First things first, you need to be professional and organized. This means, if you can, it may be beneficial for you to have one person that can answer all the calls and schedule them for you and your crew. When your clients call they are not going to be happy if you do not pick up on the first call, and they are not going to be happy if they cannot hear/understand you due to all the construction noise in the background. So if you can, do yourself a favor and get someone that can take care of all of the scheduling.

If you do not have a marketing team member, another important aspect is getting someone or an outside company that can take care of all the marketing. This is important because if you are not present online, marketing, and advertising – you quite literally will never get leads. We are in a digital world, and you need to be on the internet. The great thing about a marketing agency is that in the end, if they are a good agency, they will bring your company more money than they are costing you. That is their jobs, to help you sell and help you get leads. A marketing agency should be an extension of your team. They should be able to manage your social media, run and create your advertisements, and create your website. These are the essentials to getting work for your construction company – the marketing.

Then you have your crew. Your general contractor will most likely be in charge of your crew. Your crew should wear shirts with your company name or logo everyday. Make sure you have a crew you trust, like, and can rely on. Bad reviews can be the end of a business. So, make sure you have a crew that will take time to do the same quality work that you would do. A crew that would represent your business like you would.

Construction Internet Marketing

  1. You need a website, an online presence. There is just no way around it. You need one. Otherwise running ads would be pointless because you have no where to point people back to. On every page of that website you need to have your companies contact information. That is how you get leads, by people filling out their information on your website or by them calling. You can always get a web designer, they should know all these factors to generate leads.
  2. Once you have a website then you can run advertisements. When you run online advertisements it means your company will show up on search results (google search if you run google ads). The best search engine to run ads on is defiantly google. Keep in mind that google ads are a pay per click system. To get those clicks make your advertisements fun, bright and engaging, and eye catching. Those advertisements should get people to your website and filling out a form or calling you.
  3. Once you have advertisements and a website, you should work on your social media presence. The best thing about this step is ITS FREE! Unlike other steps. The tricky thing about this step is how consistent you have to be with it. The other steps its pretty easy to set them up, and get on with your work. Social media needs to be consistent about every other day.
  4. There is a lot to content marketing. Especially on the internet. Don’t be afraid to reach out to some professionals, like at Phvntom Inc. They can take all your marketing efforts out of your hands, and in the long run will make your company more money than they cost you. A good marketing agency can get potential customers and existing customers back into your reach. Even if you can’t hire a marketing agency right now, many will be willing to give you some free advice. Good luck!