Healthy lifestyle vs. ‘dieting’

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Americans spend billions annually on diet programs and gimmicks that fail. Additionally, diets where you drastically reduce calories can slow your metabolism. This can continue after the “diet” has ended and can result in weight gain.

You can make simple changes for a healthier lifestyle — and you can start by recognizing a few truths about diet, diets and dieting.

n Your Diet vs. “Dieting.” Your diet is different than going on a “diet.” The two words are homographs, meaning they have the same spelling but different meanings.

n Everyone has a diet. Your diet is your typical meal pattern, what you eat every day. However, we often think of a “diet” as a restrictive meal plan associated with weight loss.

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n “Dieting” can be unhealthy. Many of the popular diets eliminate entire foods or food groups from your eating plan which can deprive you of essential nutrients your body needs for energy and health. These types of diets are not designed to be a lifelong way of eating.

n What is a healthy lifestyle? Developing a healthy lifestyle is an approach that we recommend versus “dieting.” A healthy lifestyle includes a positive relationship with food and physical activity that leads to long-term changes and weight maintenance.

What can you do now? Challenge yourself for one week. Use a notebook or app on your computer or phone to record everything that you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat. Also, record your total number of minutes of physical activity you do each day. This is a great method to notice typical patterns and see where you can make simple changes for a healthier lifestyle.

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