Facebook’s Rights Manager Now Protects Your Video on Instagram

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By Fred Beteille, Head of Product, Rights & Music

We recently extended Rights Manager to help monitor and protect video on Instagram, in addition to Facebook. While we’ve always provided tools for rights owners to report potential IP violations on Instagram, now Rights Manager offers another way to help protect your videos.

This update is something that rights owners have asked for, and builds on the the improvements we’ve made since introducing Rights Manager nearly two years ago. Last year, we announced improvements that enable greater automation and more flexible controls, and added third-party integrations to give rights owners more ways to access Rights Manager capabilities.

How to protect your video on Instagram:

  • If you are a Rights Manager user, you can access this functionality today by logging into your Facebook Page to enable coverage on Instagram — either through a prompt when you open Rights Manager, or by going to Rights Manager in your Page Settings and enabling it.
  • Once you’ve enabled Rights Manager for Instagram, the reference files you upload will protect that content on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Rights Manager users can choose to automatically “Block” or “Monitor” the matched video, or send the match to the “Manual Review” tab to be reviewed and acted on at a later time.
  • If you’ve already uploaded reference files and applied match rules for protecting video on Facebook, the same rules will automatically apply to Instagram, if the action is also available for Instagram.

We welcome your feedback as we continue to improve our content protection tools. If you’re a rights owner, you can apply for Rights Manager here.

To learn more about Rights Manager for Instagram, please visit here.

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