Facebook Marketing For Roofing

Marketing is crucial to all company’s, but especially roofing companies. Social media platforms are a necessary evil in today’s day and age. If you do not have a social media presence, then people are less likely to trust your brand. People like to know more about the roofing company that they choose so that they can trust them to work on their home and do a good quality job.

One way to display your roofing company’s work is through Facebook and social media advertising. It is a free and easy way to show off what your crew is capable of. However, there is one big problem: being able to market your work well on Facebook. It is not as easy task, so we are here to help you navigate through everything “Facebook” for roofing marketing.

How to Make a Company Facebook Account

When starting out, roofing contractors need to make sure that their Facebook page looks professional. The company Facebook will need a profile and cover photo.

This should be an original photo of the owner, company logo, or the crew. It should be a high quality photo. This is a common mistake that a lot of construction companies make.

If your photo is blurry and out of date, people may question if your company is still in business or if this is an old profile that no longer exists. The company should also complete the ‘About’ section of your page so people know what your company does. Once this is set up, you can start creating engaging content for your followers.

Facebook is a great way to show off your roofing company’s work and projects. You can display before, during, and after photos of roof replacements or roof repairs that you have done for your customers. This will give people an idea of the quality of roofing services that they are receiving if they choose to go with your roofing company.

A person should be able to look at your roofing company’s Facebook and get a sense of who they are working with. If they like the style and mood of the Facebook, they will be more likely to engage with the company.

It is important that your roofing company is creating content consistently on their page. If a customer were to visit your Facebook and click on your most recent post it should not be older than a week. This means you are consistently posting at least once a week, but preferable more.

The target range to post is 2-3 times a week. You want high quality consistent post without bombarding your followers. The roofing company should not be posting just to make a post, it should be something that will entertain, inform, or persuade their followers. 

FaceBook Ads for Roofing Companies

Advertising is a crucial part of any roofing company’s success. By using Facebook to market your small business, you can reach more potential customers and show them what your company is capable of. If you want to get more roofing leads from Facebook, you can use roofing ads.

This is a great way to target people who live in your area and are interested in roofing services. You can also use Facebook ad campaigns to promote your roofing company’s website or blog. By using Facebook ads, you can reach more people and increase your chances of getting new customers to your landing page.

The great thing about Facebook ads is that they are usually cheaper per click than other advertising competitors. They also give you the ability to reach a wide range of people, since there are billions of people on Facebook everyday. You can target the area of your Facebook ad to the area that your company services. This is especially helpful for construction companies, like roofing companies, since they usually only supply their service to a target audience instead of worldwide like companies that supply goods. 

Facebook ads give you the ability to reach people that may never be searching for a roofing company. Whereas, google ads only appear when someone is searching for something related to your company. Facebook ads can appear on anyones page within the targeted area. This means someone may not be searching for a roofing company and still come across your company.

The power of your company just coming across their feed just simply gets them thinking about your company. They may not even click on the ad, but if they do have any roofing needs they will be thinking about your company and likely look you up to give you a call. 

You may not see the lead generating results from roofing Facebook ads right away, but you will in the long run. It is getting your name, brand, and company out there and in peoples heads that counts. Facebook ads has the ability to do that. Get your name out there, and have people coming back to your company months after seeing your ad.

Facebook Post Ideas for Roofing Company

Many construction company’s are hesitant to make a Facebook or some form of social media, because they do not think that people would want to see what a roofing company is doing. However, they could not be more wrong! People love seeing transformations and being informed on a topic that may seem confusing to them. A couple things that a roofing company could potentially post would be:

  • Testimonial videos
  • Your crew working
  • Fun facts about roofing or tips to keep audience engaged
  • Before & After pictures
  • Weather conditions and how they effect your roof
  • Whatever you think is fun or engaging – it is great to show your company’s spirit through your posts
  • Discounts or exclusives you offer through them following your account

Use this roofing company Facebook marketing guide to help you create engaging content and get more leads. We hope that this roofing Facebook post ideas helps your roofing business grow!

If this is still seeming intimidating or too time consuming, then remember you always have the option to hire a marketing agency. They are professionals at staying up to date on the best ways to advertise your company!