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Electrician Email Marketing

Welcome to your first step in your digital marketing guide! We aim to give you all the marketing strategies necessary to having proper electrical marketing. Every electrical business or electrical company should have an email list. In this case it will be an electrician mailing list, that all the electrical contractors hope to have.

Email marketing can be tricky! Especially when you don’t have experience with it, or guidance. That is why we are here. To help give you that guidance! Be prepared, getting the hang of it can be difficult at first. So, we are going to try to make email marking easy! There are just two things that we are going to cover in this article, but if you want more guidance and help feel free to reach out to Phvntom Inc. We are experts in marketing and have already helped electricians in Boise, Idaho.

Electrician Email Address

First things first – you need a company email address. This should be something like this:


You want to have your company name in the email address! It is also important that you have a .com or .org email address. This is much more professional. As a little reminder – any email that your company has should have your companies name in it. Some examples of this may be for careers, contact us, different things like that. Just make sure you have a legit, professional email address with your company’s name in it. That way our clients will trust your emails, and not think that they are hackers or spam!

You may also be wondering, how do I get this list of subscribers. You can start generating this list through your social media presence, and mentioning that exclusive deals are offered to email subscribers. Another way is through your website having a good search engine optimization, which any good marketing agency should know how to do. Lastly, you can get traffic to your website and ultimately your subscriber list through running Google Ads. Which are on a pay per click bases.

In order to grow your email list, ultimately you have to get your business to show up above the huge list of electricians that pop up when someone searches for one. At Phvntom Inc. we are able to help your company do this, or give your company free advice on how to do it.

Electrician Marketing Newsletter

First things first, you are going to need a contact list (subscribers) to your email. This can be past clients or people who have filled out the form on your website before. In order to get past clients on your email list at each job you should collect the persons first and last name, postal addresses, and email addresses most importantly.

Your newsletter should be informative, and give them a reason to stay subscribed. This can include having promotions that are exclusive to your subscribers. The reason you want a newsletter is because it keeps your company in your clients mind. Then the second they need an electrician – they will go to their email and find your company. It takes the time and guessing out of finding an electrician.

A good thing to put into newsletters is current projects that you are doing. This can be showing some electrical repairs that you did on a breaker panel for instance. Specifically before and afters, to remind clients of the amazing obstacles that your crew can overcome. This is interesting to people, and will make them stay subscribed. Especially the promotions!

Whatever you do, make sure your newsletters display your brand and your brands voice. Each company has a unique voice and style – so make sure to show that. Something that may help to keep one voice for your brand and company’s newsletter is to have the same person or only a few people write your newsletter.

In all honesty the best thing to do is to hire a marketing agency to do your newsletter. After all they are the professionals, and trained and skills in keeping one voice, tone, and engaging content. If you think you can’t afford to hire a marketing agency to do this, it is still always a great idea to reach out to a marketing agency (like Phvntom Inc) to see! We would always be happy to give you some free advice!