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“Dockless” LimeBike Share Program to Present Before Boise City Council 

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What cruises on two wheels, is available to all comers and could be rolling into town? LimeBike, a “dockless” bike-share company, is set to deliver a presentation to the Boise City Council May 15 during its regularly scheduled Tuesday work session meeting.

“It’s the start of a conversation, if anything,” said Boise City Spokesman Mike Journee.

LimeBike, which operated in 38 cities and more than a dozen college campuses worldwide as of April 2018, uses “dockless” technology that allows users to locate and reserve bikes using an app, typically charging $1 for a 30-minute ride, differing from Boise’s current bike-share partner, Boise GreenBike, which asks users to find rides at hub-style lockups scattered across downtown Boise.

Should LimeBike rides hit Boise’s streets, they would likely be competitive with the Boise GreenBike program, which is a division of Valley Regional Transit. Its director, Dave Fotsch, could not be reached for comment.

Similar services have had a mixed run in cities across the country. In New York and its surrounding boroughs, the bikes have been praised for having a wider range than bicycle hub-based services. Other programs have been less successful, and the technology has been criticized for being insecure, making it easier for people to deface, destroy or otherwise take bikes out of commission. Earlier this year, a bike-share company pulled out of Paris following the “mass destruction” of its fleet.

According to the meeting agenda, the presentation is “information only”—that is, city leaders are unlikely to seal an agreement with LimeBike on May 15. Journee added that it’s de rigueur for developers, “business folks” and others who would like to provide services to the city to present before the council.

“They approached us and said, ‘Hey, we’d be interested in coming to your city. How should we approach that?'” Journee said.


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