Decision 2018: Primary election is one week away

BOISE – The final countdown is on! Idahoans will take to the polls next Tuesday, May 15, for a handful of state and federal races along with school funding initiatives.

At this point you’ve been hearing a lot about the race for governor, but you’ll see several other candidates and issues on your ballot. Voters have a lot to decide on May 15.

Other than the race to the governor’s office, there are several other statewide primary races you’ll find on your ballot, and you’ll get to decide on legislative and county offices. Along with partisan ballots, thousands of voters will see non-partisan issues like school levies and races for district judges.

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As a reminder, the Republican primary election in Idaho is closed so you must be registered Republican to vote in it. The Democratic primary is open, therefore anyone – even Republicans – can cast their vote on those ballots as long as they haven’t voted in the primary yet.

Those of you non-early voters waiting for Election Day, here’s some of what you’ll find:

In statewide races, the competition for Idaho governor is hot with three Democratic candidates on the ticket and seven Republicans running.

Currently held by Lt. Gov. Bad Little, who is running for governor, the lieutenant gGovernor’s race has attracted a number of candidates. If you get the Democratic ballot, you’ll find two. On the GOP ticket, you’ll find five.

In congressional races, the 1st District representative race is crowded with 10 candidates: three Dems and seven GOP candidates. Congressman Raul Labrador currently holds that seat, but is running for governor.

For Idaho’s 2nd congressional district representative, incumbent Rep. Mike Simpson is running unopposed, with two Democrats running in that primary.

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Three people are running for Idaho secretary of state: two Democrats and GOP incumbent Lawerence Denney.

Republican Sherri Ybarra is asking for voters to re-elect her to state superintendent, as she faces a challenger in the GOP primary. There are two Democratic candidates running in the primary as well.

You are no doubt seeing signs for candidates running for state Legislature; all legislative seats in Idaho’s House and Senate are up for a vote this primary. Find out which legislative district you live in here.

You will also find county-specific questions on your ballot, with Idahoans asked to cast their vote for a number of county officials such as commissioner, clerk, treasurer and coroner.

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There will also be city and county-related non-partisan ballot issues; in the city of Nampa, for instance, people will decide on a sewer bill increase.

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A number of voters in the Gem State will see local school district, highway district and fire district levies.

To find out exactly what’s on the ballot in your area and where your polling place is, head to our Voter Guide.

Learn about voter registration, party affiliation and more here. We also have an Idaho Voter Resources page where you can check your polling place, check voter registration, and more.

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