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Data privacy, customer experience & personalisation: 5 killer stats to start your week

1. Rise of subscription services fuels boost to TV and video consumption

A 45% rise in Netflix viewers over the past year and growth in the subscription video-on-demand (VoD) category has reinforced TV and video as the nation’s most popular medium.

On average, 99% of British adults watch TV and video content for four hours and 41 minutes per day – up 2% year on year. Adults still spend two-thirds (67%) of their viewing time watching live TV, although this is down from 70% in 2017 and for those aged 15 to 34 this falls to 41%, with non-live TV and video viewing seeing a commensurate rise.

Some 29% of all adults now watch Netflix each week, rising to 54% of 15- to -34-year-olds. For those that watch Netflix, they now view for an average of two hours and 14 minutes per day.

British consumers are also consuming more content than ever – 8 hours and 11 minutes across all media, which includes television, radio, social networking/messaging, internet, cinema and more, marking a 3% increase year on year.

Source: IPA

2. Nine in 10 people say businesses that protect their data will win their custom

A commitment to data privacy is a fundamental part of a business’s licence to operate in the modern economy, according to new research.

Some 84% of consumers identify good data security and the protection of personal information as the key characteristic they look for when deciding where to spend their money.

However, 54% of consumers believe companies may have misused their data in the past and 73% of consumers want to understand more about how their data is used.

And 50% want companies to be more transparent about how their data is used and 48% want companies to make it easier for them to delete their data.

Source: CBI

3. UK companies lack the internal infrastructure to offer seamless customer experience

The majority (93%) of US and UK marketing and customer experience leaders believe it’s important to provide a seamless, quality experience across all channels, however, only 45% think they are very effective at providing that experience.

When asked to list the main reasons are for not providing a consistent, seamless, quality experience, 42% say employees are not being trained consistently across all channels and 38% believe it is due to lack of budget.

US companies are leading the way with internal practices. 56% of US companies use customer interaction data from all channels to create insights that can impact the business, in comparison to only 45% of UK companies.

Source: Calabrio

4. Readers place high levels of trust in established media brands

Consumers place high-levels of trust in the content from established media brands, with 81% of those who often visit digital sites suggesting they trust what they read.

As part of the survey respondents were asked whether they agree with a number of statements to ascertain levels of trust and engagment. Some 91% agreed reading or looking at their chosen publication is time well spent; 70% agreed they feel a close connection to their chosen publication; 68% believe it offers them something they can’t get elsewhere; and 81% say they trust what they see.

Source: PAMCO

5. Consumers concerned about past purchase history being used for personalisatoin

While brands are increasingly trying to personalise their communications, new research suggests there are concerns from consumers about how their data is being used.

In a survey of 12,000 global consumers, 75% say they are worried that their online and in-store shopping activity, including online searches and items they have bought, are being used to provide a more personalised service.

This may also be stopping consumers trying new tech. In the UK, 70% of respondents haven’t used emerging tech such as mobile coupons or augmented reality in-store. However, 40% have used voice-controlled devices and services online – with 17% using them for research, 12% for purchase and 11% for both.

Source: JDA and Centiro