All About Water – Logo Restoration

Phvntom Inc. was commissioned to restore All About Water’s logo from a low-resolution jpeg image to pixel-perfect vector by recreating it in Adobe Illustrator. The results speak for themselves: the logo is crisp and clean, with no distortions or visual artifacts that would make it look “pixelated.”

It took our team of designers just one day to complete this task. We used an old version of the company’s logo as their starting point, then converted it into vector format using Adobe Illustrator CC. To ensure accuracy, they image traced the original artwork using Illustrator and limited the colorspace to the 5 colors contained in the logo.

This logo is dynamic and full of life. The waves in the background are seen through bubbles that do not seem to be stopping, but instead they keep rising. This embodies the essence of what All About Water really means: purified water for all people, no matter where they live in Boise – how much money they have, or how bad their water at home might be.



The restoration process

The font inside the droplet was almost instantly-recognizable as Impact, which is a classic system font. However, the font for “Water” wasn’t so simple… it had been manipulated by the original designer, which made it almost impossible to identify. This made our job more difficult but we believed it was a modified version of Avenir Next.

However, when we used the approach the original designer took of transforming the fonts, it became apparent that Avenir Next was either the wrong style or has evolved over the years. We ultimately decided to trace the original instead.

After tracing the letters, we needed to create the waves and bubbles inside the text. We did this by tracing each wave and bubble rising from the bottom. After that, we converted the bubbles to a mask to provide more options with transparency in the future.

The final step was to apply strokes to the fonts and shapes so the logo can stand out on any background. We applied a thin black stroke around the “All About” text and a thick white stroke around the rest.

Overall, the restoration of All About Water’s logo was a success. The waves, bubbles and background all look 3-Dimensional and seem to pop out from the screen. This is thanks to Phvntom Inc.’s team of designers who worked to meticulously recreate the original logo in Adobe Illustrator.

The original designer attempted to modify the fonts used for “Water” by squishing them together, which made it difficult for our designers to reproduce… but it’s nothing a keen eye and careful hand can’t fix!

The result is a logo that not only looks like the original but also fits seamlessly with All About Water’s brand identity and understands its commitment to making good water accessible to the people of Boise. Dare we say that it even looks better than the original?