Construction Ads

Digital marketing is a tricky thing, especially for a construction business. We want to walk you through how to make the most of your marketing efforts. In order to give you the marketing strategy necessary to generate qualified leads you will first need to know your target audience. Do you want someone with an old house, new build, or anything else that you can use to identify who would like your services. Once you know your target audience, then you can get started on your marketing campaign.

For your paid advertising you will have to come up with some construction marketing ideas. We have another article on our site that goes over this, or your could contact Phvntom Inc for some free advice on ideas. For this article we are going to continue to focus on advertisements. Once you have some ideas for your advertisements you are going to want to set up a google ad account. Google ads are where when you are on the search engine (google) and someone searches for a keyword that you set, your advertisement will come up on their page. That is why you want to set keywords that someone would search when they need a service like yours. We will go into advertisement guidelines more later in this article.

You may be wondering what to do once someone clicks on your advertisement and is sent to your website. You want to make sure you have a good website with a call to action. In the construction industry this will most likely be a form for them to fill out. Once they will out the form, then you have their contact information and most importantly an email address.Then you can work on your email marketing. Through your email you want to offer exclusive deals so that people will stay subscribed to the email. It is also a good idea to add existing customers to the email list if it is possible. Email marketing has the potential to have based marketing. This means a more personal approach to marketing, since you will know their name and can have it seem it was directly sent for them.

Here are some free ways to advertise your company:

  • Social Media
  • Having a good SEO

Social media platforms are an extremely helpful tool in advertising, even if most people find running a business account boring or difficult. Social media marketing is just a necessary evil in todays world, but at least it is FREE! Social media is a place that existing or potential clients can see what your company is doing, maybe see some before and afters to realize your company is talented, and potentially get some exclusive promotions they otherwise would not have known about.

Lastly, you want your company to show up in a google search. Just about everyone turns to google when they need something nowadays. The best way to get your company to show up first on a google search is to work on your local SEO. This means search engine optimization. If you can hit the right keywords on your website and have enough of an authority score then your business will show up first. Authority score is a complex concept that is complied of many different things. To make it short it is a factor of how old your website is, how many people have links to your website, and many other things. We do not have the time to dive completely into right now, so if you would like to know more about it please reach out to Phvntom Inc.

Construction Advertisement Guidelines

In order to create a good and effective ad there are a couple things you need to do:

  • Have a clear call to action.
  • Good landing page.
  • Stay on brand.
  • Clear message.

One of the biggest mistakes with construction ads, is giving too much information that people do not understand. The average person will most likely not know complex building types/structures. All they care about is how a product looks when it is done. That is why before and after pictures can be highly effective when it comes to construct advertisements. 

Make sure that you have a clear call to action on your add. Whether it be you want them to go to your website and fill out a form, or you want them to call your company. If you want them to call your company you need to have your phone number big and clear on your advertisement. Then you also need the follow through with your advertisement. If you want them to fill out their contact information, then you need to have a landing page on your website to accomplish that. If you want them to call you, then make sure you have a clear voicemail to leave their information incase they call outside of business hours.

Most importantly, don’t overwhelm your customers. The construction ads that do the best are the ones where you use your company’s own photos, and keep it simple. A quick, fast, and easy slogan. Another tip is to make sure that the text (especially your call to action) is incredibly easy and clear to read. This can be tricky when you have a photo as a background, but your customer should not have to struggle to read any part of your ad. It may be clear to you since you know what it says, so check with someone that has no clue what the ad is supposed to say.

Construction Company Advertising Examples

Remember that you always have the option to create out to an ad or marketing agency to have them design your advertisements. After all, they are professionals and it is their job to keep up with the trends, and create quality ads.