Community stands behind boy who was bullied

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EAGLE – A community is coming together for a little boy who is battling a rare disorder, and has been bullied.

Shannon McNall says about a week ago, someone bullied her son, Carson, but he has some friends in the neighborhood who stepped in and stopped it.

What happened was unfortunate, but Shannon says it got Carson’s family and friends thinking about how they can spread awareness about his disorder, neurofibromatosis — a genetic condition that causes tumors to grow anywhere in the nervous system.

They started a cookie stand.

“I put it on Facebook, and pretty soon people are, like, ‘I’ll mail you cookies,” McNall said. “So we’ve got cookie donations from all over the country, which is just amazing — from Florida, from New York, from Seattle.”

All proceeds from the cookie sales go to fund neurofibromatosis research through the Children’s Tumor Foundation. Carson’s cookie stand is located at 1026 N. Luge Avenue in Eagle.

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