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Campfire Theatre Fest to Spark Second Season With Lauren Wimmer Play Reading 

By May 10, 2018May 11th, 2018No Comments

Fresh off its first year, the Campfire Theatre Festival is already blazing and set to add a new component: the Spark Program for workshopping scripts by nationally recognized playwrights. The first Spark event will be a reading of The Originals by Philadelphia-based Lauren Wimmer.

“We wanted to be able to expand that this year to be able to get [playwrights] to get what they want out of [the festival],” said CTF Artistic Director Dayna Smith. “We wanted to make room in our season to give playwrights the opportunity to work on their plays.”

The Originals is a dark comedy about two women—Iris, who comes home from college to find her father replacing her with a baby doll; and Montana, a mother who has abandoned her newborn daughter and lives a nomadic lifestyle picking up hitchhikers—crossing paths and learning about parenting and responsibility. The spring Spark event, which is set for Thursday, May 17, at the Boise Contemporary Theater loft, will let attendees in on tweaking a play manuscript into a stageable form.

“It’s easy to show up for these events if they’re polished,” Smith said. “People don’t get a chance to see the process of making that thing. It shows what goes into making a script come together on stage and makes them more involved in the process of the play.”

Tickets are $10 and are available online.

The second installment of the Spark series—a reading of Quinn Eli’s In Common—is set for the second CTF, Friday-Sunday, Sept. 7-9.


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