Boise allergist working to cure deadly food allergies

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BOISE – Deadly food allergies can be difficult to live with, especially for kids.

If someone in your family has a scary food allergy you probably know all too well, there are a lot of changes around the house and in life that need to be made to make sure everything is okay.

But what if you could cure those deadly food allergies?

After six months of breakthrough treatment, on Friday, Kennady DeMasters graduated from a program that has cured her of her deadly peanut allergy. She will be the first to tell you though, it hasn’t been easy.

“I regretted it once I got here, why did I choose doing this? But, now I don’t regret it, it changed my life so much,” said Kennady.

Kennady’s peanut allergy was so dangerous that she and her family were forced to adapt in ways that sometimes made life very hard.

“We had no idea, not till you live it did we realize the implications that it has on your family, your lifestyle, the modifications you have to do,” said Kennady’s dad, Troy.

“It was very tough. I sat alone at lunch, I couldn’t have friends sit with me, I felt lonely I felt different from other normal kids, it was hard for me. I would come home and cry to my parents and say why me?” said Kennady.

So what’s the cure for her peanut allergy? Believe it or not, it’s peanuts. And today as part of her treatment, Kennady will get to taste something she has always wanted to try, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

“I can see me eating these for lunch now!” said Kennady.

Through a treatment called oral immunotherapy, a team here at the Allergy Group in Boise has gradually given Kennady more and more peanut protein to help desensitize her body to her peanut allergy.

“We were very nervous for the very first dose but after that is builds confidence. Oh she didn’t have a reaction, she is doing well,” said Troy.

This journey for Kennady started with a micro-dose of peanut flour. Week by week that dose was gradually increased until she could eat actually peanuts. It hasn’t been an easy journey for her family, but there has been a lot of exciting memories along the way, like the day she had her first full peanut.

“I was just happy that I finally got to try a peanut and not have a reaction or anything like that,” said Kennady.

To wrap up her big day at the allergist, Kennady passes one of her final tests and finishes off her sandwich with no allergic reaction. Cured of her deadly peanut allergy now, she can proudly call herself a graduate.

“That’s what life is about, experiencing new things and making memories out of it,” said Kennady.

Kennady has one last test to pass.

She will soon do the “24 peanut challenge” to prove once and for all that she is can now eat peanuts and peanut products without the fear of having an allergic reaction.

The Allergy Group has only been doing this treatment since late last year, but say they have already seen incredible results.

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